Friday, October 1, 2010

We're Having......

After having an ultra sound that shows the baby growing on schedule and looking good, we found out that we are having...... another girl!! I'm excited about another girl and I'm excited that Whitney will have a little sister. According to MY plans we are done after two, so Wade will have to put up with all of us females!! Yay for a happy, healthy and growing family!


  1. Wow hoo!!! Congrats, Stef! Almost everyone I know has had 2 of the same sex lately... you don't think Wade will talk you into a 3rd to try for a hunting buddy?? Congrats again! If you are back in the PV area anytime, let us know! We'd love to see you again!

  2. Congratulations!

    Glad you could come to Yada on Thursday. I enjoyed meeting you on Thursday. I go walking in the neighborhood a few times a week with a friend from church after I get my son off to school. I never realized that we lived so close. I walk by your house everyday on my walk. Kathy

    I really like your blog. Sounds like you're having fun as a mom and waiting for your next precious one to come along. You mentioned several activities that I enjoyed with my son when he was young, Play Pals, programs at the library, etc. Another program I really enjoyed was called Parents as Teachers. I don't remember who runs it, but probably if you called People Place or McFarland Pediatrics, they would have a phone number for that program. It's for children under 5 years of age,if I remember correctly. We had an in-home person come to our house each month. She brought different books and toys and talked about what Taylor was doing and what to expect at different ages. There were also group meetings with other families where they talked about different topics related to raising kids, like health issues, potty-training etc.

    Keep trying all your activities with Whitney. It just takes them time to get used to playing with other kids. It will be worth it for you and for her.

    There's a program called Caffeine and Chaos that
    starts in October. Did you get a card about that at Yada? It's a program for moms/caregivers and young kids. I think it meets on Wednesday mornings, but I'm not sure.