Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treating Part 1

Downtown Ames had trick or treating from 10-2 today. We met our new friends Melissa and her daughter Landrey for some trick or treating. For the most part I thought it would just be fun for the girls to walk around and see all the other kids. Landrey got the trick or treat thing down pat, but Whitney was afraid to take a piece of candy. I'm telling ya, she doesn't like food, not even candy! She was wiped out from trick or treating, went straight to bed, and she has been napping for 2.5 hrs so far! Tonight will be trick or treating part 2 with the Welsh side. Hopefully that will wear her out too!

this was about as good as a picture as we could get of them together. Whitney is tinkerbell and Landrey is a cowgirl. I left Whitney's wings at my sister's, which really stinks because I could have put the wings on outside of her coat. Can't really tell what she is with just a little skirt poking out. That's an Iowa Halloween for ya!

her first sucker, she did like this for about 2 minutes, then she handed it back

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  1. Fun! And that's my niece! I am so glad you two hooked up. What a small world that has brought us all together, even if you and I have never met in real life! Both girls were adorable, Lo is the same w/ candy and even chocolate, some one should check her DNA! HA!