Thursday, February 25, 2010

One More Video

The other videos were pretty poor, so here is another walking video from this evening. Watching those little legs walk is just so cute!

First Steps

Whitney took her first steps on Monday the 22nd!!! We have been practicing a lot by holding her hands and walking around the house. We started this at 8 1/2 months, just because she liked to, not with the intention of teaching her to be an early walker. On monday night Wade and I sat down a few feet apart to see if she would walk between us and sure enough she did! She got really excited when she realized she was walking on her own. We have been practicing every night and she goes a little further and is more stable every day. She can now make it across the living room on her own, and sometimes she will pull up and then try to take off on her own. Hopefully it won't take too much longer before she figures it out on her own. These videos are from Wednesday night. They don't show her best performance, but you get the idea. There are three videos because I didn't realize that they had actually uploaded. Enjoy!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I turned 30 on friday. In my last few days in my 20's I started to feel like turning 30 was going to be some big momentous occasion. Not in the sense that I was going to have a big party or go out and celebrate, but in the sense that lighting might strike me or people would start to look at me like I was old. But then I realized that nobody is looking at me, my skin did not prune, and my body did not break down. It is just another day. We need to not focus on the number but how we feel and what we have accomplished in our life. To be proud of our life. To be happy with our life. I have to say I can't complain one bit. I have a wonderful husband, daughter, family and friends. Blah, blah blah, enough with the emotional bit...... The only picture taken all weekend to remind myself what being 30 looked like! My birthday fell on a friday so Wade was at work and I was home with Whitney. We played during the day as usual and Whitney was on good behavior. Wade got home at a reasonable hour so he made dinner for us of baked chicken, stuffing and sweet potato fries. Saturday we went up to Osage for lunch and a little shopping at the outlets. FYI, good sales at the GAP and BabyGAP right now! On the way out of town we stopped at a bowling ally. We bowl so much on the Wii that we had a false sense of professionalism for the game. Well, I did any way. On the Wii I bowl a 250. In real life, 90 and 58. Embarrassing!! We stayed for a second game and Whitney was done with the bowling alley and being passed back and forth as we bowled, so I blame the second game's performace on being distracted by a crying baby. It was a nice birthday weekend that I wouldn't have wanted to spend any other way.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Diaper Challenge

Have you wanted to try some cheap diapers but have been afraid to, just in case they didn't work? Well, I tried some. I bought the Wal-Mart brand Parent's Choice and Luvs. I bought small packages, which does not save money because they are still 20 cents/diaper, but I didn't want too many in case they were awful. Well, the Paren't Choice is not worth it. They are shaped like a brick and would leave that gel all over Whitney's bottom. The Luvs were pretty decent. They are made by the same company as Pamper's and are extremely similar to the Pamper's Baby Dry. The Luvs are just slightly thinner and a little crinkly on the exterior of the diaper. I never had any leaks with either diaper. I would go with the Luvs if you want to save a little money, which may be about $5 or a little more per month. If anyone has tried the Target brand I'm curious what those are like. I think I will be sticking to the Baby Dry's.

I also tried the Parent's Choice wipes and I stupidly bought a 3-pack. I don't like them as well as the Pamper's Thick Care. They are not as moist either. I may have to come up with more uses for them than just wiping Whitney's hiney to get through them!

If you're looking for a good sippy cup, the Gerber cups are AWESOME. They have easy grip handles and a valve that prevents leaking. They are so great we have four of them!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Shutters

This weekend Wade made new shutters for our windows. Couldn't exactly find the greatest before picture, but I think it makes a huge difference to the appearance of our house. In true Stephanie fashion and much to Wade's aggravation, I have to admit that I expressed my concern for the color AFTER Wade had stained them, but I think they look good. The shutters are stained a walnut color and our brick is primarily red, but looks good, don't you think?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cruisin' Along

after she took off by herself, she was pretty excited!

For the last two to three weeks we have been walking Whitney around by hand and then guiding her behind her walker. Even yesterday I was holding back her walker so she wouldn't go too fast. Well, this morning she pulled up on and took off! I guess she didn't need me after all! Here's hoping for an early walker, my back is killing me!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cute Pants

Without driving an hour to the outlet mall, the only place I have to shop is Wal-Mart.
Just thought I would share a picture of these cute pants I bought yesterday at Wal-Mart. They are little boot cut knit pants for 3.50, the brand is Garanimals. They come in different colors and I believe go up to 5T. They are so cute and comfy (I imagine they are comfy!) I may have to get a pair in every size! And they show off Whitney's cute little diaper bootie!

Monday, February 1, 2010

9 Months

Whitney is 9 months old today. Say it with me....... already?!?!? We have had a busy day already today. We went in for lunch and got to spend some time with Daddy today, he even went to her appt with us. She DOES NOT like to lay down so I don't think her measurements were correct, 27 inches. If you remember, three months ago she measured 27.5 inches. Um yeah, totally off. I measured her at home and came up with 28 inches. She weighed in at 18.3lbs or 40% on the growth curve. With all that moving she's burning off the baby weight in addition to her lack of interest in food. She used to be at 70% on the growth chart, but the doctor said it is very common at this age to slim down and it is not a concern.

Her intelligence, or comprehension I should say, is starting to show. She has been saying wa wa for about three weeks and we weren't really sure if she was actually referring to water, but more and more she says wa wa in reference to actual water. She will say wa wa to get a drink from her cup, and this morning I turned on the faucet to get a glass of water and she said wa wa. Also, every time I get her out of her crib we say hello to a little stuffed cat I keep in her crib. This morning I asked she said good morning to kitty cat, and she looked back in her crib directly at the cat. This was exciting to me because it's the first time she has really responded to what I've said and she also correctly said wa wa today too!

She is developing a presonality, which is a polite way of saying she cries and throws tantrums to get what she wants. I'm trying to teach her up and all done to lessen some of the outbursts. She also says mom mom. She does say it in reference to me and knows what it means. Wade is still waiting for da da. She can wave if you wave to her. She is starting to become a little copy cat. She will only eat finger foods, and more and more she has to feed herself. It is challenging coming up with food she can not only pick up herself, but also chew up. She really likes blueberries, yogurt melts and little crunchies. Little crunchies are Gerber's "healthy" cheese puffs. She has also started to get little bits of milk out of my glass. It's starting to grow on her I think. I figured it will be a long process to wean her from breastfeeding so we've started to taste of milk early.

She is pulling up on everything and can somewhat inch across her crib or furniture. I don't know that I would classify her as cruising yet, but she does like to walk with us holding her hands. She throws major tantrums with big tears if we don't want to walk her. Yesterday I left the room and Wade looked up and she was standing at the coffee table and Wade thought I left the room with her just standing there. Even if I had, she can now get down from standing. I figured out she likes massages before bedtime, it's funny how zoned out she gets. Bath time is still one of her favorite to dos. She has started dancing to anything with rhythm.

Her fifth tooth is on it's way down with the sixth hopefully not too far behind. She's getting the two beside the big top teeth and I think they are really bothering her. I've been giving her motrin at night and she can now sleep like 6 hrs straight instead of every few hours. I would like to say her sleep is getting better? She has been sleeping a longer first stretch, sometimes she will eat and go right back down, other times not. Friday night I was up from 10-2 with her. I think I have determined that crying it out does not work for us. It seems to rev her up and wake her up even more than if I would just quietly sit with her in her room. In two nights out of three she has fallen asleep in her crib by herself!!! (kind of) She has woken up as I put her back down down and I have to gently force (can gently force be used together?) her to lay back down and pat her back and shush her and she calms down. Friday night I did this and she was talking when I left the room and then fell asleep, and last night I did this and as I crawled back into bed she started crying out, but less than a minute later she quieted and went to sleep. I figure that after 9 months of nursing her to sleep, any time she falls asleep without nursing is a step in the right direction. Sometimes she doesn't want to nurse to sleep and I have to walk with her.

Anyway, that's enough for now and she's up from her nap....... two short ones today. I think her sleep is adjusting and that is causing night time sleep problems as well. I think we're starting to go down to one longer nap mid day.