Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Ellie's a Big Girl"

a recent conversation with Whitney......

I was holding Ellie in a standing position and Whitney said, "Ellie's standing!"  I said, 'yes, mommy is helping her to stand.  She has to learn.'  Whitney says, "Ellie's not a worm!  She's a big girl"  I laughed and said "yes, mommy has to teach her"  Whitney says, "Ellie's not a teacher, she's a big girl."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Is it Friday again already???  I have already told you what is going on with us lately.  We did the "camping" last weekend and if you missed it Ellie turned 4 months on Wed.  YES!!!  Ellie is going to look back on this blog when she is older and think that I didn't love her, I really do, I am just ready to fast forward about two more months.  I shouldn't say that, it really is easier every day now that she is starting to master sitting up and sucking on a pacifier.

We are all sick this week.  I know we shouldn't have colds in June but we do.  It started with Wade when he thought he was developing allergies last week.  When Whitney was drinking some water Sunday night and didn't want any more because it hurt, I knew Wade didn't just have allergies.  Sure enough I got and Ellie too.  Whitney has been really good with the cold, it hasn't disrupted her sleep but Ellie has been sleeping in her car seat and waking up every 2-4hrs.  I sure hope she doesn't get used to that because we were doing so good!

We had our first major battle with the stubborn will of a two year old.  It started with Whitney playing with tongs.  She calls them "chompies".  She chompied Ellie's arm and made her cry so I told Whitney she needs to tell Ellie sorry.  She refused and ran away so I told her tell Ellie sorry or go to your room for time out.  She still wouldn't say it.  She didn't intentionally hurt Ellie and it wasn't even that big of a deal, it just really escalated from the fact that she refused to apologize and continued to disobey.  This went on for an hour and a half last night.  Whitney was sobbing and screaming and wanted out of her room and would say from behind the door, "tell Ellie sorry, I'm sorry" " I want out of here"  so we would ask her if she was ready to say sorry- "no".  Close the door again.  Every few minutes we would give her the chance to calm down and apologize and Wade and I were calm about it the whole time, she just REFUSED to say the words I'm sorry to Ellie.  Whitney went to bed without, a bath, pj's her milk or us to tuck her in.  She slept from 8:15-6:30.  Not too bad.  I brought it up this morning and she still wouldn't apologize.  She won.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Girls at 4 Months

first two Whitney, second two Ellie

Ellison-4 Months

As I breathe a sigh of relief, I can finally say that Ellie is 4 months old!!!  I love my babies, but those first few months are nothing but survival, and now is when the fun begins!!! 
Weight:  14lb 4 oz  (60%)
Height:  24 1/2 inches (50%)

The doctor doesn't think she needs a tot collar for her neck and thinks her case looks pretty mild now and just wants to continue PT.
 Ellie continues to be a really good baby.  She is happy and content unless she is hungry or sleepy.  I started cereal and most days she has it twice a day.  We are almost through a box of cereal already.  I have already tried baby food too and she was non reactive to it.  I started with squash and she didn't make the typical yuck face, just smacked her lips a little and kept eating!  I am still pumping all day, only two more months of hard core pumping, then I may supplement more as long as she continues to take formula.  She sleeps well.  We were up to 7-8 hr sfor the first stretch every night, and then we all got colds this last weekend so that's a bit out the window and she is sleeping in her carseat.  I unswaddled her a few weeks ago and she sleeps on her tummy all night.  She still goes to bed about 8:30.

Milestones-   supported sitting, holds head steady, pushes up on arms, rolls over front to back, babbles, blows razzberries, smiles, giggles, reaches for objects (and gets mad when she doesn't know what to do with them!) and bears weight on legs when standing. 

Favorites- mommy!!  eating, she smiles at the spoon as it comes to her mouth and gets mad when she is all done, sucking- she now takes a pacifier and is figuring out her thumb, bath time, the outdoors

dislikes-  being left alone, I hate when she cries when she realizes you have to put her down  to walk away, the wind,  laying on her back- she really wants to sit up all the time

on to the next month!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

We went to Wade's brother's for father's day.  Wade really wanted to do some camping and he knew the only way I would "camp" with a baby was to do it in a house, so we both got what we wanted!   I stayed in the house with Ellie and Whitney camped with Wade.  Matt and his son Owen and our nephew Grant camped in another tent.  I think the kids had fun, but they sure where tired!!  The pictures are a little out of order.....
Sunday we went fishing, Whitney walking on the dock... the thrill of fishing doesn't last long for toddlers, even though they were catching them one after another.  Not to mention, it was HOT!!

Whitney on the way home yesterday, so totally wiped out.  She is very tired today too.
eating giant marshmallows

getting mulberry's from the tree.  Can you see matt up in the tree shaking them out??

eating smores

Grant was making Ellie giggle, it was hilarious!  He loves babies!

the next morning, they were so tired

Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Another typical week.  Library, parks, wal-mart.....    Ellie continues to have physical therapy once a week.  Sometimes she holds her head straight really well,  and other times it is still pretty crooked.  We're working on it, and if it doesn't completely straighten out it's not the end of the world.  There are worse things that could be wrong with your child.  They recommended a tot collar for her.  It's a collar to wear for a short time during the day to help her get used to holding her head straight and to stretch the tight muscle on her left side.  Maybe this is how civilians deal with insurance every day, but let me tell you, I really dislike dealing with insurance outside of the Army. The Army had it's 236th birthday on the 14th BTW.  Happy Birthday big bad fighting machine!!  With the Army you go to the hospital on post, see the doctor you need and pick up your pills in the pharmacy in. the same building.  You don't have to do anything, make any phone calls, or see any sort of deductibles or EOB's.  (explanation of benefits)  Being remote we have to make appts to get referrals for special care (ie having a baby) and call insurance first to figure out what or what not is covered.  This little rant stems from having to order this tot collar.  It's only 50-60 bucks but I wanted to figure out if insurance covers it to save a few bucks.  The PT didn't think insurance covered it and since she is not a doctor she cannot prescribe it.  After talking about it for the second appt in a row, she finally mentioned a medical code.  I found the medical code for the collar, called insurance and they DO cover it, told me to get a doctor to prescribe it and pick it up at a local medical suppy store.  So  I called peds and they seem clueless.  We have to wait until her 4 month appt next week for the doc to look at her and decide if he should prescribe it or not.  Even if he doesn't think it is necessary I can order it myself online and try it out.  All a very dumb process.....   like you care.

Ellie has taken to the pacifier this week.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  It's nice to have her soothed by something, but in hind sight it was nice that Whitney never took to one.  She never took to anything, but me.  She doesn't suck a pacifer, her thumb, have a favorite blanket or animal or doll.  So, I have no experience with an attatchment.  I wonder if I should keep popping the pacifer in Ellie's mouth and potentially create a monster, or just let her be happy in the moment.  She can't suck on it forever. 

I sold my first piece of baby equipment this week and I am super excited about it!  It's one less item in our house and I am going to keep all the baby selling money seperate to do something fun with when I am done breastfeeding.  Yes, that means we are done after two girls and we are in the process of making that permanent, if you must know. 

Tonight we are going "camping" at Wade's brother's for father's day.  Ellie and I are camping in the house and Wade and Whitney in a tent in the yard.  Wade is super excited about this.  Will let you know how that turns out next week.

I took way more than five mintues, but who's counting?!?!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What We Do

Sunday ended up being rainy and yucky and we did not leave the house all day.  This leads to one bored toddler.  I decided to let her play in the rain.  She could not believe I would let her do such a thing!!  What a blast! 
She was using the bowl as an umbrella

She took this picture, it's so funny to look through the camera at what she finds interesting.  She loves her rain boots, I am so glad I found them.  At a garage sale of course!

Ellie is starting to sit up well and likes to sit with us at the table

Helping me me pick cilantro leaves

today,  I was sitting right next to her on the computer and had no idea she was painting her hands and feet.  good job mom!  It's all washable, so it's all good!

Now we are going outside to have "cicle cicle's" befoer Ellie wakes up.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blank Park Zoo, Round 2

We went to the zoo again yesterday (saturday) and it was a zoo!  As members we can get in a half hour before opening, which was our intentions, but that of course didn't happen and we were there with everyone and their dog.  Still fun though.  It will be really nice when they have all the exhibits finished, there is quite a bit of construction going on now.
Wade, Great Grandma Audrey with Ellie, and Grandma Cathy

This was after the zoo, my crazy hat lover found this stocking hat in the Xterra, and then Grandma thought Whitney needed to learn how to climb a tree.

This is how Ellie does the zoo.  She was much easier this time around and I know it will only get better.  She is done with the infant carrier in the stroller and likes to sit up like a big girl.

Can't forget about the goat resting on the bridge!

First and only camel ride for this mama!  They are surprisingly very tall with a very wobbly gait!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Petting Zoo

Whitney had a blast with my parents last weekend.  They kept her very busy with parks and petting zoo, and my mom even took Whitney to the pool on opening day.

She didn't like the friendly cow so much trying to lick her all the time.

Five Minute Friday...

on Saturday morning.  Am I really that busy that I can't do a five minute post on Fridays???  Well, yes, sometimes I am.  I did have time yesterday but I chose to go to the mall BY MYSELF!!  The girls went down for their nap within minutes of each other and Wade came home early from school, so I went to the mall.   And do you know what, I got kind of bored.  I didn't know what to do without a stroller and trying to look for a sippy cup and snacks or chasing a two year old because I figured she could handle walking.  I got Whitney a new pair of sheets because she has been peeing out her diaper lately.  I got her size 4's now, so we'll see if those help once she gets in them.  Any way, I got her hot pink sheets thinking they would be fun, well they are kind of obnoxious.  I should take a picture of them.  I also found a cute summer dress for myself, now all I have to do is wear it!

Monday we made it back from Postville.  It was another successful trip, though I think I have reached Ellie's limit for taking a three hour nap in the car.  She did wake up on the way home and wasn't very happy.  After 25 mins of her screaming, I managed to crank my arm around the back and held a pacifier in until she fell back asleep.  Not very safe, I know, considering she is directly behind me.

Yesterday morning we went to the library to see Dan Wardell from IPTV.  He was doing story time for the kids.  It was a bit disappointing for Whitney.  It was geared towards kids a little older who could interact and answer questions.  Oh, well.  We went to the library twice this week, target, walmart and the park.  Trying to keep busy and get out of the house!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Five Mintute Friday (on Saturday Afternoon)

I am getting worse at this update thing!  Here goes again....

We had a fairly busy week.  Wade's truck broke down a few weeks ago now so he went and test drove a Dodge Ram.  He is conflicted on whether to keep fixing his '04 F150 or if we should just get a new truck.  Last year we had to replace the transmission.  Not fun to have vehicle problems.

On June 1 wade turned 32.  Yes, 32!!!   We are old.  Or he is, I am not old yet!  He had to work all day in the field and didn't get home until 10pm that night.  No birthday fun for him!  I did buy a leftover memorial day cake at the store and called a Memorial Day/Birthday cake.  Yeah, I'm that cool, I didn't even bake a cake.  I tried to book a cabin for a weekend at one of the state parks for his birthday/father's day, but you had to make a 7 day reservation for a cabin.  I'm sorry, but who wants to take a 7 day vacation at a state park in Iowa?  not me, so sorry, no birthday present for Wade this year. 

Since he was gone and I had the girls all day by myself, I decided that I for sure was taking the girls to my parents house for the weekend while he was down helping his mom on their land.  Too boring to be home alone all weekend when I do it all week long.  We left friday afternoon, which is why I didn't get to this post, and we made the 3 hr trip without stopping!!! It's all about timing, and the fact that Ellie will sleep in the car.  I wouldn't dream of making that trip when Whitney was 3 months.   She would scream the whole way.

times up

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

first ice cream cone