Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Whitney learned how to crawl while we were gone!!!! She took her first crawling "steps" on Dec 22. She has started out pretty slow, just taking a few steps at a time and only going a few feet. She is unsure of her newfound freedom. She is getting less robotic about her movements, and just yesterday she is starting to figure out that she can go where ever and when ever she wants. Last night I was picking up and put her books away in a basket and she had to crawl over to get the books back out. It is a relief that she has finally learned to crawl. You could tell that she wanted to go, and she would get so mad, but her brain just didn't know how to tell her to go. Well, it all finally clicked, and she will just get faster and faster every day. I still haven't figured out if crawling is something they learn through teaching, or something they just get on their own. I spent over a month enticing her with toys, moving her arms, giving her little pushes, crawling around on the floor for her to see- she really liked it when I did that! Maybe it was watching her cousin Brynna go? I don't know what did it, but she is going! Our baby girl is getting so big!

Christmas Vacation

Oh..... Christmas vacation with babies!! Christmas was a lot more interesting this year, for both sides of the family. We started out on Friday Dec 18th and went to Wade's sisters. The Christmas celebrations started with Wade's Mom, her husband Roger and Grandma Audrey. Grandma Audrey got all the kids a Wii, so we all (especially the boys) had fun playing Wii all week. By the time we got to my sisters Wade was playing it in is sleep! We did a white elephant gift exchange this year and Wade's last minute throw together gift ended up being a hit, which included fire works. Yes, fire works for Christmas! Sunday evening Wade's Dad came down to celebrate with us. We were worried about the weather but still made it to Davenport just fine on Wednesday to head to my sister's. Wade of course had to set up the Wii there and continue to play and play and play. Like I said, he was playing it in his sleep! Wade got up and I thought he was on his way to the bathroom, but then he started bowling by the side of the bed. My parents came to Davenport and my mom's sister's family came sunday for a Christmas dinner. We had lots of family time, and it's nice that we are able to see everyone when we travel. A little overwhelming at times, but overall nice. Wilson and Michelle were even able to see Whitney for the first time and we got to see their new house too! We also ended up getting a little more than gifts this year. Whitney picked up a bad cold from her cousins, not easy keeping chew toys away from babies. It was funny watching the babies take toys away from each other. And I got the flu from my sister's house. I almost died. Really. Okay, not really, but I swear I was close to dying from hypothermia at one point during the night I had the chills so bad. I spent Christmas recooperating on the floor or couch or bath tub. Any place that I could lay down! Thanks everyone for hosting us and Happy Holidays!
Grant loves his baby cousin!

Girl talk?!?!

Brynna, Grant, Whitney and Owen

The babies taking a bath together was HILARIOUS!! Whitney was all excited and screeching and splashing, Brynna was all over the place like the wild animal that she is, and Owen was in the middle crying to get out! I don't blame him!

I think Brynna and Whitney will be two little trouble makers together! Watch out Owen, they may gang up on you!

Let me at her, let go mom!

My big Chistmas present, Whitney- not the box!

My cousin Emma and Whitney

Callie, Alaina and Whitney

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brigade Ball

Pajama party after the ball.
Last night was the Brigade Ball, and it was a huge ball. Like a thousand people huge. My first reaction to the ball was that I didn't want to go. I didn't want to leave Whitney. Wade wouldn't take no for an answer, and deep down I knew I had to go. For myself, Whitney, and to regain that feeling of being husband and wife, not just a mother. We asked Wade's cousin Jody to watch her and it was really nice to be able to have family watch her. I surprised Wade and myself by not checking in during the night. I enjoyed the evening and had a great time talking to adults about things other than Whitney. I even momentarily forgot about Whitney, which tells you that I really did have a good night. It did feel a little strange to not have her to worry about the entire evening and that she wasn't in the back seat for the ride home. We got home around 11 to a happy Whitney playing on the floor with her sillytown, so I was happy too! She did sleep three hours for Jody, but wouldn't go back down, but that was okay because it was nice to see her when we got home. I'm glad I went and it felt good to be out without her. I can't believe I just said that!
Good thing for holding on to old dresses. Last time I wore that dress was in 2001 to an ROTC Ball in college.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ginormous Tree

tree last night

And tree today

The last couple of weekends we didn't get around to getting a Christmas tree, which was fine because we are leaving for Iowa for Christmas next friday and we wouldn't get much enjoyment out of it anyway, and I still put up holiday decorations so it at least felt Christmasy at home.
On post they give away free trees to Soldiers, so Wade surprised us last night with a tree. It is freakin' huge. We couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculously enormous it is! And then as the branches fell it just kept getting bigger and bigger! Wade said the way he picked it out was to grab the tallest one there, and they are all bundled so you can't tell the width. Well, it's six feet across at the bottom and at least eight feet tall. Way too freakin' big for our living room! Decorated pictures to come.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Photos

Christmas Party

Our FRG had their Christmas Party last night. I baked 7 dozen chocolate star cookies yesterday. I remembered why I don't like baking, I hate the time it takes to make little cookie balls! I put Whitney in her high chair and pulled her into the middle of the kitchen and thank goodness she sat there and played for like 35mins. I don't know how many songs I sang to her! The Christmas party had a great turnout and someone even dressed up in a Santa suit. I feel better about leaving Whitney next weekend so Wade and I can go to the Brigade Ball. Whitney's stand in Grandma (one of the lieutenant's mom) watched her so I could eat, and she did great, as long as she couldn't see me.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

7 Months

Today Whitney is 7 months old. She is getting more of an attitude and personality every day. My mom thinks it is pretty funny and I am getting a little taste of my own medicine. Oh well, what goes around comes around I guess! Whitney is still working on crawling, and it has become a major frustration for both of us. I hope she figures it out soon. And please, no comments on how once they get mobile it get harder. I personally think it gets easier, I always thought that when I watched Alaina that the more she could do herself the easier it got. I noticed this morning that one of Whitney's top teeth is poking through. I didn't actually just notice, she seems to get a little cranky and clingy so I knew something was up so I layed her down and pried her mouth open to check, and sure enough there was a tooth there coming through. She really enjoys eating finger foods and anything else that is small enough for me to put in there. Yesterday we had banana and this morning she had some cinnamon toast. Getting her to eat baby food now has become more of a challenge and she refuses to eat unless she gets to hang on to her own spoon too. Whatever gets her to eat! She is getting bored with me by the end of the day and she is really happy when Wade gets home at night. She cried for the first time when Wade left the room last night and kept looking at door he left through. She still loves bath time and now makes a huge wet mess from splashing so much. She really is becoming a hyperactive little ADD baby, it will be interesting to see what her personality is like as she gets older. We went to Bass Pro on sunday and all these other babies her size/age were just sitting in their stroller or sucking contently on their pacifier. Not our baby, she was trying to climb out of the cart or twist out of our arms. My little stinker is up from her nap, gotta go......

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with my family here in Missouri. It was so nice to not have to travel and to return the favor as being hostess. Usually it is Wade and I traveling and invading other's homes. We had wonderful weather all weekend and of course good food too. Mom and I got up at 5am to go to Walmart, and I have one word for that, CRAZY!! But it was worth it to get a new camera and TV. We were at Walmart and back before anyone even woke up. With a full house and three little ones the weekend went very quickly. Now on this monday morning it is quiet and lonely, I think Whitney is wondering where everyone went! A tired little Whitney after a day of shopping in Osage Beach!

Whitney LOVED the swing!

Whitney had Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Bissell, she was very spoiled this year, and Wade and I too! Thank you!!
Whitney's first doll. She likes to pull the hair and poke the eyes!

Iowa Trip Pictures

Oct 10, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

6 Month Update

Whitney will be 7 months on tuesday, but we finally had her 6 month appt. She is quite the little chicken and was terrified for every part of the exam. She even peed all over when we took her diaper off. On to the fun stuff... she weighs 17.5 lbs and measured at 27.5 in. I remeasured her at home and got 26.5 inches, which sounds more accurate. My poor baby got five shots yesterday, three were her six month shots and then I went ahead and got her seasonal and H1n1 flu shots. May as well shoot her up all at once and be done with it. She has been fine since the appt and has now been sleeping for 10hrs. I set her down in front of her jumper and she immediately grabbed it to pull up to standing. It's so cute when she looks at you like, hey mom, look what I did! (that's not the look in the picture, I couldn't capture the big smile)

Monday, November 16, 2009

So Big.. Part 2

I put Whitney in her crib while I was putting away some stuff in her room so she would be "safe". Yikes!! She has been a very big girl today!!

So Big!!

Still working on the crawling, ..... still going backwards!
Eating some Ritz crackers. She likes to eat like a big girl. I'm not so sure I'm ready for the finger food stage! What a mess!

Whitney can stand and play with her toys if she doesn't get too excited and try to start moving around. Amazing how quickly they grow and learn at this stage!

Me with Callie and Whitney. We lovingly called Whitney "monster baby" while we were up at my sister's because Whitney is so big compared to Callie. I can't believe Whitney used to be smaller than Callie, how quickly you forget how small they were! Wade took the camera hunting, so this is all I got for now of pics of our visit.

Friday, November 13, 2009

To Iowa and Back

Wade went up to Iowa for his annual deer hunting and was kind enough to go out of his way to drop us off in Davenport so I could stay at my sisters. We started the trip on Oct 31 at 3:30am. It was nice that Whitney slept most of the way up and while she was awake I kept her entertained with her Baby Einstein dvds. I was impressed with her traveling. We came back home on Nov 11, leaving at 6:30pm so Whitney could sleep. The trip home went well and we only had to stop once for gas. I think we will do all of our driving at night, it seems to work the best for longer trips.

Wade did some hunting at our land and then up in the Winterset area with his brother. He got two deer and unfortunately two big bucks were shot but never found. Wade feels pretty bad about that. Whitney and I hung out with my sister, her husband and two daughters. Whitney enjoyed watching her engergetic cousin and even took baths with her. Whitney got her second tooth in while we were there, thank goodness! That one was taking FOREVER! She continues to push herself backward, we almost lost her under the furniture one night! She is up on her hands and knees rocking, but no forward motion yet. She has also learned how to have a "conversation". It's pretty funny, she makes a noise, waits for you to respond, and so on. I enjoyed hanging out with my sister. She got me hooked on the Twilight books, I read Twilight while I was there I have about 40 pages left of New Moon.

It was a great trip and as much as we enjoyed it, it is nice to be home. It's hard to get a good nights sleep with three little ones waking up during the night! I am literally stuck at home now trying to do laundry and unpack, Wade's transmission went out on his truck yesterday.

Pictures to come, not sure where the camera is right now.

Friday, October 30, 2009

6 Months

Okay, so Whitney isn't six months until Sunday, but I will be at my sisters for the next twelve days and don't know how much I will be blogging so I'm doing it now. Can I just say wow! Six months already!! She got her first tooth three weeks ago, and it remains her only tooth.
She is 17.1 lbs and 26.25 inches. In two months she has grown 2lbs and 2in. We don't have her well baby until Nov 13 after we get back, so we'll see if she has grown again! She was not a big fan of the lion costume. No way that is a 2t-3t costume!