Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Fun

We were going a little crazy inside with Wade being gone for a week, so Saturday afternoon we bundled up and went outside to paint pumpkins.

mommy painted pumpkins too!

pumpkin pancakes.  We started a tradition that on the night we carve pumpkins I make pumpkin pancakes.  Add some canned pumpkin to your pancake mix and voila!  orange pancakes!  add vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and sugar.  Delish!  And the girls love them.  Last night I made chili and added canned pumpkin to that too.  Couldn't even tell!  Healthy chili!

Ellie got bored of pumpkin carving and got into the bacon bits. 

and the full moon

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whitney's First Day of Preschool

Whitney started her first day of preschool today!!  Thankfully she was very excited about it and wasn't nervous.  She is going to Bellevue West High School tuesday, wednesday and thursday from 9:45-11:00 for eight weeks.   It is for a child development class and each child has a student assigned to them.  There are 12 children total age 3-5.   I believe they have a spring program and I hope to get her in that one as well.  Then next year I plan to put her in a preschool program that will be three days a week but longer hours.  We were on the fence about putting her in preschool at three, so I'm glad I found this program at the school!  She is excited to go back tomorrow!

**I did not pick out her shirt today, or decide on the sideways pony**  though I am the coolest, this day was not about me, but letting her pick out everything so she would be excited

Kite Festival

On Sunday La Vista had their semi annual kite festival.  We tried to go in May, but we arrived too late and everyone had packed up and gone.  This time we made it!  It was windy, so it was a perfect day for flying kites.  When we pulled in the look on Whitney's face was priceless. She was beyond excited.  They had some impressive large kites.  The fish kites we especially neat.

Whitney still thought our kite was the neatest.  Well, good.  Because we are not about to buy any giant fish kites!

Trick or Treating at Fontenelle Forest

Saturday evening we had our first trick or treating experience of the month at Fontenelle Forest.  Kids were to dress up, and adults too if they wanted, and they had dinner for us too.  The girls had a lot of fun.  Whitney was supposed to be a lion, but it was unseasonably warm and humid for the full costume so she wore her witch costume.  Ellie wore the Dorothy costume from last year.  Fontenelle Forest is a neat place we have a membership to.  They have a mile long board walk, or miles upon miles of dirt trails.  They have different events and classes throughout the year.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Major Welsh

Friday morning we had Wade's promotion ceremony.  We went downtown to his work and had the ceremony with his coworkers and then cake after.  This weekend we will be celebrating with a party!