Friday, July 30, 2010

What's Going On????

I've been away from the blog for a while, and for good reason. I don't have any pictures today, but I'll get everyone up to speed on what we've been up to.

First, Wade finished Command on July 16 as you saw in my last post. We've been a little more busy with Dad at home and trying to get ready to move. Last weekend we had a BBQ and Wade made his signature pulled pork sandwiches. It was a great turn out and extremely hot that weekend, but it was a nice chance to see everyone one last time.

This week Whitney came down with hand, foot, mouth disease AGAIN! She first got it three months ago, but this time around it is worse. Supposedly there are only a few strains of it and it's like the chicken pox, you get it once and then you never get it again. Since this is her second go around of it, we're hoping this is it for HFM disease. It's not fun, it starts with a high fever and then they break out on their feet, hands and get painful sores in their mouths. Thankfully Whitney's sores have not blistered, but her mouth is painful and just today she has started eating a little bit again. It got so bad she didn't even want to drink her milk or water. Thankfully last night she drank a whole bunch of milk, because her diapers were starting to get dry and we would have been sitting in the ER today hooked up to an IV. Today she is feeling better and running around getting in the way of the packers and "helping" them.

That's right, the packers are here today. They were not supposed to come until monday the 2nd to pack and load on the 3rd. We got a phone call at 4pm yesterday afternoon to confirm that they were coming to pack AND load tomorrow (friday)!! WHAT!!! Apparently the transportation office on post wrote the dates down wrong. There's quite a bit to do before packers come like unplug electronics, pack what we don't want them to pack, take down picutures and curtains, etc. This all wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't agreed to host the coffee at our house. We were momentarily stressed. The coffee went well and it was nice to say goodbye to some of the ladies and to put off the stress of packing. The packers are here, our house is on the verge of being empty already at 1pm, they have a big crew here! We don't plan on moving until tuesday so we'll be sitting in an empty house all weekend. Then it is on to Ames for Wade to start his master's degree in Biorenewable Resources and Technology on the 23rd.

Last but not least, we are having another baby!!!! I'll be 12 weeks on monday with a mid February due date. We are excited to be having our second baby in Iowa where we will be around family. This pregnancy is going very well (knock on wood). I'm finally getting over the fatigue and most of the nausea. This pregnancy feels very similar to Whitney's, but this time I don't have the luxury of laying on the couch all day!! I've also come to the conclusion that you don't show earlier with a second pregnancy, all you're "showing" is the layer of fat you couldn't get rid of with the first one!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Change of Command

On Friday we had Wade's Change of Command ceremony. It's a relief for Command to be over, it's a lot of long hours and hard work, but I'm sure it's bittersweet for Wade to hand over his job and say goodbye to all the men and women he worked with for last 17 months. Now in a few short weeks we will be moved up to Ames, IA so Wade can get another master's degree in the fall. We are SO excited to move back, even it is only for about 18 months. This is us last February when Wade took Command. I believe I was about 28wks pregnant at this time.
At the Award Presentation before the ceremony

Passing on the Company flag to the new Commander

I got a dozen red roses and Whitney got balloons. She thought balloons were much cooler than flowers!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last night we went to El Jimador for a farewell dinner with some people from the company. They had some fun stuff in mind...
Tom taking the shot of tequila. He is retiring from the Army this fall!! Tom and Wade worked together at the beginning of command. What we did not get a picture of was the hat getting slipped on my head and getting whipped cream in my face. Not sure why that happened?!?!?!

Interview with Whtiney

I've seen other people do "interviews" with their children and I think it's really cute, so I'll do one too. It's really cute when they actually have their own answers, but it will be a while for that.

Favorite food: pizza
Favorite new thing to do with food: dip and use a fork (picture above of her dipping grahm crackers into yogurt)
Favorite beverage: milk
Favorite lovey: kitty, dino and kind of her blanket. she doesn't HAVE to have these things to be happy
Favorite new word: up (mommy's favorite new word too!)
Favorite toy: stroller
Nap time: one, 1-2hr nap
Favorite movies: Elf and Baby Neptune
Favorite book: Velveteen Rabbit
Favorite song: Wheels on the Bus
Recently discovered: to put her finger in her nose
Favorite commercial: Swiffer commercials
Traveling: only for a short distance and as long as her DVD is playing

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July and more

This year we spent the 4th in Iowa for Bob's birthday (Wade's dad) and Welsh family reunion. Whitney learned how to say Papa that weekend, that's Grandpa for the Welsh's. It was the cutest thing and the perfect birthday present for Bob, or Papa! I was horrible about taking photos, so for more of the Welsh clan check out The Vandewater Voyage. It was a very different 4th from last year with all the babies running around. The guys put on a fireworks show, but Whitney was afraid of the loud noises. Maybe next year! This is 4th of July last year. How quickly kids grow!!
Grant and Whitney

Whitney Owen and Matt. Whitney and Owen were little buddies over the weekend!

The cousins, Whitney was not happy about this.

At a retirement ceremony last week. We sat in the back because she is WILD and ALL OVER THE PLACE!! She was running, dancing, talking, clapping and playing peek a boo with anyone who would look at her.

My free babysitter!!! She loves her little dvd player. She will sit on the floor and watch her movies, but she will not watch cartoons on the big tv. She knows how to load the dvd's and what button to push to play the movie. She loves the movie Elf and laughs out loud when he pushes all the buttons in the elevator. She does not like to be touched or talked to when she's really into it. Heaven forbid you get in the way of the little screen! For all you anti kids watching tv people, cut me some slack. Lately she has only been sleeping for one hour a day, so I need more time to do stuff!! If she will sit still for half an hour I'll take it!!