Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bible Study

Yes, the title of the blog is correct. I went to a Bible study. I accepted the invitation from a new friend, whom I met through the small world of blogging-pretty cool!, and decided to try out a weekly Bible Study for women. I know, I have never been to a Bible Study before, and I haven't been to Church outside of special occasions since, hold on to your seats........ GASP! college!! The Church is super close to our house and seems really nice. Everyone was super nice and it was enjoyable, what little I got to participate in. I missed most of it because Whitney was so upset in the nursery they had to come get me. She was crying and upset when I left, but I figured she would get over it and start playing. I sat in the nursery with her for a while and was going to sneak out again, but she got upset every time I stood up. Not to mention she is SUPER SENSITIVE to other kids. She doesn't know how to feel when other kids play with toys she's playing with, or cut in front of her to get to a toy. She pouts her lip out and holds her hands up over her face and just starts crying. I'll just keep socializing my sheltered little girl and hope she loosens up. She gets the sensitivity to emotions from me, but I also had an older brother and sister to toughen me up, so this could be interesting. We're going to try again next week. If it works out, great, then if not, I guess it doesn't. I won't force her to cry for a hour and a half, for her sake and for the care takers! At the very least it seems like a great Church for us to start going to, so thanks Melissa for inviting me today! Oh, and there is another mom there today who I run into at the library and just out and about, so I'm making friends now! I didn't expect to make friends for the short time we will be here so this is an unexpected nicety.

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  1. so glad that you liked it!! I really liked having you come! I was sad that you had to miss some of it so hopefully Landrey and Whitney will be come fast friends before next Thursday!! See you Tuesday!