Wednesday, October 27, 2010

24 Weeks

24 weeks with Whitney

24 weeks baby girl #2

I am now at 24 weeks. Not sure if the angle is a little different or if I'm a little bigger this time, or it looks the same? I have gained less weight at this point this time around, so maybe that is why my belly looks a little bigger? You can see I have the same pants on. It feels like my due date is just around the corner with the busy holidays coming up. I am mentally preparing myself that we baiscally have about 3 months left. I went early with Whitney, so I am expecting to go early with this one too. I know, I know, every pregnancy is different and I could go late, yada yada yada.

I have moments where I am super nervous about taking care of two and I worry about how Whitney will react. I feel guilty that the second baby won't get as much attention as Whitney did as a baby, and I feel guilty that Whitney will get less attention than she gets now. Then I have days that I just think whatever. That's what happens when you have more than one kid and everyone will adjust and life goes on. We plan on getting Whitney into a big girl bed before baby arrives, probably wait until January to do that. Haven't decided if I want to potty train Whitney before the next baby. If she keeps up her stance on the toilet we will be waiting. She used to LOVE going pee on the toilet and would make herself go, wipe, flush and clap. Now she acts like she is terrified of it and wants nothing to do with it. I guess I'll just follow her lead.

So far the pregnancy is going well and baby is kicking away!


  1. And you are still skinny minnie and look like all baby!! :) She'll be here before you know it!!!

  2. uh, pretty much my thoughts EXACTLY! Bummer on the potty training thing, but that is one battle you do NOT want to fight. But you never know keep taking her and she may change her mind one day randomly, we women tend to do that. ;)