Tuesday, October 12, 2010

River Valley Pumpkins

We had such a perfect weekend last weekend. Well, maybe I should speak for myself. Wade spent saturday doing homework all day and it was weekend #2 that he has not made it out deer hunting. As for Whitney, she got totally out of whack being busy and having Grandma around that she didn't want to eat, poop, or sleep. I never realized how much of a routine girl she was until we moved back here and have been busy every weekend. Grandma got here friday night and we spent saturday morning at the park and then saturday afternoon/evening shopping in Des Moines and had dinner at my aunt's house. I have been to WAY too many garage sales, because I don't want to pay retail for anything! At least I know I have another girl to get more use out of whatever we buy. Sunday morning Whitney stayed home with Grandma so Wade and I could FINALLY go to Church. As I mentioned in a previous post it had been FOREVER since we attended a regular service. After lunch at Panera we headed to River Valley Pumpkins. A long time family friend runs it. It was great seeing the Smith's and Whitney had a blast. Unfortunately our camera battery died and we only got a few pics.

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