Friday, April 24, 2009

Engineer Regimental Ball

The Engineer Regimental Ball was thursday night. It had been three years since we have been to a ball. It is fun to get dressed up and to see all the Soldiers in their dress uniforms. It was a night of speeches, awards and a great dinner. We stuck around for a dance and then it was off to bed!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Also known as external cephalic version. Yesterday my fears were confirmed that baby was breech. I've known she was breech since after her 20 week ultra sound, but my midwife and her understudy's kept insisting she was head down. I have asked about her position at every appt. because mother knows best! Well, after months of being told she was head down, I let myself believe that hey, maybe she could be. Let's just say I was a little devastated to hear that she was breech, even though it should have been little surprise to me. AND, only 3-4% of baby's are breech, WHAT!!! Seriously! The first trimester bleeding wasn't enough? Now she has to be breech!

We were faced with the decision to have an ECV, where they manipulate the baby into a head down position, or to go ahead and schedule a c-section. We wanted to avoid surgery if we could, so after hours of thinking about it (you know how I am with decisions) we decided to give ECV a shot. We checked in at 5:30 this morning and to our surprise and delight, I was having contractions three minutes apart! They gave me drugs to stop the contractions so I could have the ECV. Darn! Well, the procedure was a success!! She is head down, please stay that way baby girl!! After the ECV I was still having contractions three minutes apart, but they were not getting stronger and I was not dilating, and then the contractions became farther apart and irregular. So, I am home, wondering when the big day will be. I guess she didn't want to be born on the same day as her cousin, who was delivered by c-section today. Congrats Lee and Jess, can't wait to hear the update!

I should also add that Wade did a great job taking care of me. I'm sure I scared the crap out of him when I almost passed out twice today! Psychologically I don't do well with medical procedures!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Visitors

We had some friends come down from Des Moines this weekend to visit. My old college room mates Michelle and Amanda, her husband Jeremy, and Wade's long time friend Tony, who is also engaged to Michelle. They got in Friday night, which led us to stay up late and reminisce. We had a break in the weather on saturday to try out the new mini golf course on post. Tony was the big winner there, even with the water trap! Wade smoked a pork shoulder and we had delicious pulled pork sandwiches for dinner saturday night, followed by a hilarious game of Catch Phrase. Tony, I never knew you always wanted to wear bell bottom pants! We had lots of fun, and of course the weekend went very quickly. Thanks for coming down!

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Done!

Good job Wade! We ended up needing TWO truckloads of rock. I think Wade's arms and back are just smoked after yesterday. Not to mention it was very cold and windy yesterday. So the project is complete with fill rock, big rocks, drift wood, and of course plants. The two plants in the middle should get fairly tall to fill in space, and after we get a couple of rocking chairs for the front porch everything will tie together and we can sit back and enjoy the view! Did I mention we are going to plant trees in the yard yet? Maybe I shouldn't have titled this post, It's Done!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring has Sprung

With a nice three day weekend we got started on outdoor home improvement projects. Or, Wade got started on outdoor home improvement projects. It's just too bad that I can't help! Therefore I get the supervisory position, which Wade loves. So, we started out with lawn care with one of the handy push behind seed spreaders. We got bags of lime, seed, fertilizer, and insecticides. And yes, that does mean we had to mow our lawn already. Already! Part two included taking out all the inappropriately colored red mulch in the empty flower bed. Wade placed and planted all the plant life we bought and today we will hopefully get a load of rock to complete the project.

35 Weeks

Another belly photo! Five weeks or less, hopefully less! For the most part I still feel pretty good, but after a long day I can get pretty sore. As much as I love that I can grow a little human, I'm ready to have my body back now and get some proper exercise. Oh the muffin top I will have once she comes out! There's a hill I'm ready to tackle and get out there with the stroller. They don't call our subdivision The Summit for nothing. Bring it on!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Addicted to....

Self care- I went back again today for more baby tylenol and gas drops, and anit-itch cream since Wade somehow managed to transfer his poision ivy to MY FACE!

Chips and dip- Nice greasy potato chips with Dean's french onion dip.

Chocolate- I can't get enough right now. Especially chocolate covered raisins.

Henry VIII- I read The Other Boylen Sister, and the Boylen Inheritance, now I'm dying to watch The Tudors (all about King Henry VIII)

Grey's Anatomy- I HAVE to watch it every week!

Sleep- I don't normally require too much sleep and I don't like to nap, but after going to the bathroom three/four times a night the last thing I want to do is get up in the morning when I'm finally peed out! It gives you a week by week update on your pregnancy.

Celebrity Gossip- It's my guilty pleasure!