Thursday, June 14, 2012


A week ago already (gosh!) we went "glamping" at Platte River State Park.  Not true glamorous camping by my definition, but glamping for sure for Wade.  Wade has really wanted to do some camping, since last year even.  Having little ones I have not been so eager.  I agreed to stay in a cabin.  I was going to get a camper cabin which is just a place with four walls, a bed or two, electricity and a little fridge and wall unit ac/heat.  I am sure glad I went for the full cabin.  We had a good sized fridge, sink, microwave, stove and a 3/4 bath.  And two bedrooms and central air.  I'm a glamper.  I could rough it pre kids, but with them being little and my ick factor on high alert as I get older, I need running water and toilet.  We also determined that we couldn't trust Ellie by the fire, and trying to use a charcoal grill was out of the question too for her curious little hands.  So, we ended up cooking hotdogs in the microwave.

We put Ellie to bed first and allowed Whitney to stay up by the fire a little while. 
we even had a tv!  (but the channels didn't come in)  We never used the indoor fireplace, but the park is open year round so that would be nice to get going if you ever stayed during the colder months.

the little lake there had free fishing for kids.  They used hot dogs and they caught some big blue gills and bass!

Whitney seriously caught like four fish and I got nothin!

shooting a pellet gun for the first time.  She surprisingly wasn't scared.  She couldn't get the trigger pulled but helped Daddy and sat with him until she got bored.

Friday we went to Mahoney State Park for Corps of Engineer picnic day.  They have a lot to do at the park, including an indoor play area.  We had the place to ourselves and the girls had so much fun.  We also went to an aquatic center but didn't take the camera in.  The place was pretty cool, but Whitney was so tired she wasn't much of a sport and we didn't stay as long as we would have liked.  Other activities at the park inlucde mini golf and a driving range, paddle boats, horseback rides, and more.  A pretty cool park about 25mins from home!

my goofy girl

and my serious girl

Sunday we went back to Fontenelle Forest, this time with Daddy and Papa, and the camera!

This weekend we are off to Myrtle Beach for a week!  Can't wait to get pictures of that vacation!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wade- 33

Friday was Wade's 33rd birthday!  We celebrated on thursday because Wade took off for the land on friday and we stayed behind.  Thursday we baked a cake.  I usually save those activites for just Whitney (less mess), but decided to do it before Ellie's nap this time.  I do box cake so it's pretty easy and minimal ingredients, which means minimal mess and less time preparing.

We went to the Omaha Children's museum.  We got a membership there, along with every where else in this town.  We now belong to the zoo, the museum, and the Fontenelle Forest- where I took the girls there myself this morning, wish I had taken the camera!

you need to click on this one to see Whitney's face!

We finished off the evening with cake