Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Brigade Change of Command and a few more pics

This poor cat showed up at the park yesterday morning and it was so thin :( It's nipples were swollen so it just had babies and I wanted to feed it because it was crying and meowing at us, so I tried to give her some goldfish crackers and I put some water in my cupholder but she wouldn't touch either. If she didn't have babies I maybe would have taken her home. I love animals and Whitney does too, but can't bring myself to own anything, I have a hard enough time keeping a clean house without them!
no idea how she got this warning sticker on her back

helping me pick out my outfit, didn't even know she was putting on jewelry!

Wade is second from the right, wish I could have gotten a picture just to show you how many Soldiers were on the field. We were at the Brigrade Change of Command. I had to take our little terror back behind the bleachers in the shade because it was hot, and mainly because she does not sit still!

thought it was cool how their stride is all lined up, it's the 94th EN BN coming by

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Photos

she loves her sunglasses! she puts them on herself
Her new obsession is pushing around her stoller. My parents got it for her for Easter, but she would trip over it and didn't quite know how to manuever it so I put it away for a few months. Now she's a pro and pushes it around everywhere and will put anything in it she can find!

She loves making new friends when we're out. She even tries to leave with them when they leave. We are at the Pulaski County Fair. There wasn't much there and Whitney was too little for the rides and we paid too much for fried food, but I had the best pork tenderloin I have EVER had!!

Whitney wiped out in the sludge on our curb.

so I put her directly into her pool. and yep that's a new one, our other one blew away in a freak storm that came up! I had just emptied it hours before to move it and now it is no where to be found, we combed the neighborhood for it and asked a few neighbors if it blew into their fenced yard.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Post

It's been a week since I've posted, so I just wanted to throw up a few pictures. We haven't been up to much lately because it has been SOOO hot or it's raining.
She loved running out in the rain, which is strange because she hates water splashing on her face, but standing in the rain was okay ?????

pushing her friend London in BabyGAP.

knawing on some bacon (Wade took this picuture for Uncle Matt)

vacuum was too loud

Monday, June 7, 2010

Poor Whitney

I mentioned in my previous post that Whitney wasn't feeling well and had a poop explosion. Turns out she was feverish on friday and saturday I started to notice little red spots. She got chicken pox after getting her vaccine. She probably has about 30 spots, mostly on her upper body, but as of yesterday she now has some on her face and legs. She doesn't seem bothered by them, like she's not itching them or anything but I'm going to get some calamine any way since she can't tell me how she feels. She has been super sleepy and just wiped out. On top of her chicken pox sickness she fell and rammed her bottom two teeth up into the top of her gums first on thursday and again on saturday. So not only does she feel like crud, now she doesn't want to eat or drink anything because her mouth hurts. She has finally started to drink milk again this morning, so hopefully she'll get some energy back. Saturday eveing we were trying to eat dinner and Whitney was drinking her milk and laying her head back while sitting in her booster chair, so I laid out her blanket for her and laid her down with Kitty and Dino. This is the first time she has EVER just chilled by herself, so you know she doesn't feel so good.........
then Wheel of Fortune came on so she needed a better look, I think she is trying to solve the puzzle!

big Oakley truch at Bass Pro (we took this pic for you Wilson!) we went to Bass Pro sunday so Wade could spend his Bass Pro gift card, thanks Mom!

not even out of Springfield and she was out

Friday, June 4, 2010

Interesting Day Already

Our day started out that Whitney slept almost 12 hrs last night. She usually only sleeps 10hrs at night, and lately 9-9.5 hrs. We had a goodbye coffee on post at 9.30 and then a Change of Command ceremony at 11. She started acting tired and hadn't eaten much. I thought for sure she would fall asleep on the way home, but she just watched her video and looked uncomfortable like she didn't feel well and was trying to poop. She seemed okay once we got home but she wouldn't eat any lunch and just wanted me to hold her. I put her down for her nap and I went back after a minute to cover her up but she was still squirming around and couldn't get settled so I gave her a few more minutes. I heard her moving around and talking so I went into her room and she was standing up and looked at me and said "oh no!" and pointed down into her crib. There was poop EVERYWHERE! It came out the back of her diaper, big time! It was even on the bumper pad because she must have sat up against it. Poor thing! We've had minor blowouts when she was a tiny baby, but this is our first big girl poop mess in the crib. Thankfully she wasn't touching it or trying to eat it, but it was all over her feet and legs and up her back. I think she knew it was gross because she was snorting her nose. You know, breathing out hard and fast. Got her cleaned up, washed out the clothes and bedding, gave her a bath and down for a nap, again. Now, I go to take out our recycling to the garage and find this little friend.......

Splash Pad

Wednesday morning I took Whitney to the splash pad in the Waynesville Park. There was a storm blowing through and it was a little chilly. I tried to get her to play on the playground while the clouds were rolling through but she was lured into the sound of water splashing. She loved the little water fountains, but did not like it when she lost her balance and fell into the big fountains. It was a little chilly, so she lasted about five minutes before she decided she was cold and didn't like the big water getting her. And of course by the time we played on the playground some more the sun came out and was blazing hot again. We'll maybe go back this afternoon since it is going to be hotter than hot. I am now caught up with my picture posting, don't get upset if there is nothing up for a week! (grandma's!)
I would also like to say that Little Swimmers SUCK!! Sure they don't balloon up and weigh 10lbs like regular diapers, but they don't hold anything in either! I was watching her and all of a sudden I see pee running down her leg! And yes the diapers fit very well, they were not loose at all. I may as well let her be in just her suit. But do I keep putting her in those expensive swim pants just so other people think I'm being responsible?
you can see the grey storm clouds, it was about 10am

you can see here where she is playing with the little fountain, and then she fell backwards and was getting showered with the big cold drops, she did not like it, though she didn't cry!

and the little fountains turn on and off, she would would be looking at the empty holes and then the water would turn on and get her in the face


Wade Jr, our little tomboy (she did that herself btw)
Whitney and London (you can say it, she looks like a boy in this pic)

outside playing in the hose on Monday, this was the extent of our excitement for Memorial Day, it was hot and we were tired from the weekend

I keep all my shopping bags and then take them back to WalMart to throw in their recycling thing, Whitney had a blast playing with them. They were all nicely tucked into one bag, and yes, I let my SUPERVISED child play with plastic bags.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

13 Months and 31 Years

Happy Birthday Dad! I sit on your head!
I didn't really plan on keeping up with monthly updates now that she is one, but thought I would mention this one since it was also Wade's birthday. In Wade news, it's probably safe to say at this point that he will be starting school at Iowa State this fall. We still don't have orders (surprise, surprise) but we are counting on the fact that it will continue to go through. It better because our house is for sale and it will soon be a rental, hopefully today or tomorrow if I can get on it and get off this blog! Also, Wade will be done with command on July 16 after 18 months. Whew!!
In Whitney news, she has started to learn some new coordination feats. A few weeks ago she started twirling around in circles and earlier this week she has figured out that she can walk backwards. It looks like she is moon walking! She'll shuffle backwards until she runs into something. If she is careful she can walk down a few steps by herself holding on to the wall, but most of the time she forgets and trys to run down them. She tries to put her own shoes on and last night she found Wade's socks and tried to put them on his feet. She has figured out that things belong in certain places or certain ways. She likes to scribble and knows that a pen and paper go together. Thankfully she doesn't write on walls, yet! Still no more teeth, don't know what is taking so long!!! I suppose that is it, I could on and on about her little discoveries but just wanted to mention her twirling and moon walking! And that Whitney is 29 inches, NOT 30.25 inches like the dr's measured. She fits just below our kitchen table, so I had an aha moment and measured our table, which is 29 inches.

Dunk Tank

I am super behind in getting stuff up on the blog. With the Iowa trip and a four day weekend we have been so busy and doing lots of fun stuff. I still have a few more things to post after this, so keep up with me! On to this post....... last week was Dauntless Days. Basically a Brigade Organizational Day. There are four battalions in this brigade, so it was a pretty big family day with lots going on. Our FRG hosted a dunk tank to raise some money, and of course Wade had to get in. a sitting duck
wasn't sure if I had any ball throwing skills, but decided to make a fool of myself anyway, and I hit the target on the second throw! And I did it hanging onto Whitney!

Whitney had to hit the target too! you can see Wade going in!

Springfield Zoo

Sunday we made an inpromptu trip to the Springfield Zoo. We packed a picnic lunch and had lunch outside the zoo under a pavillion and Whitney played on the little playground there for a while. It was hot and muggy, it was supposed to storm but thankfully didn't. If we were thinking, we would not have gone on such a hot day, because the animals laid around like they were half dead. But, Whitney enjoyed the zoo and did so good the entire time. We were there about two hours and she either wanted to walk or be held. So much for having a stroller! We were really happy that she enjoyed it and we had a great family day. Whitney was so tired that she fell asleep immediately upon leaving so we skipped Bass Pro, next time Daddy!
watching the ducks

this kid loves water!

the giraffes were AWESOME! they had a feeding deck so you could get up close. it was $2 for four wafers to feed them, worth it for the awesome photo op.

this is the second oldest giraffe in captivity in the US. you could tell, he was kind of grey, super tall, and super calm. Like, been there done that.

Oh No!!

Wade cut his own hair the other night, which he frequently does because it needs cut so often, and he came out into the living room for me to see if I needed to touch up any spots. He asked, "how does it look?" Whitney looked up at him and said, "ohhh, noooo!" It was SO funny! She says oh no whenever anything falls or is different to her. It couldn't have been any more perfect.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At the River

Saturday afternoon we took Whitney to the river at the Waynesville Park. She loves the park, the swings, and now the river too. She doesn't even flinch that the water is FREEZING! Her legs started to get so cold they didn't work so well and we had to move it up to the shore. She loves water and I have a feeling we are going to be spending A LOT of time in the pool, river and at the splash pad this summer. We got so many cute photos, but her are a few, okay, more than a few! It looks like we had the river to ourself, but in reality it was packed with kids and adults cooling off. The art of cropping!