Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter and More

Wade came home for Easter weekend!  Yay!!  The girls, and me, loved having him home!  We stayed home and just did whatever.  We went to parks, died Easter eggs, went out to eat, grilled, did an Easter egg hunt, and oh yeah, visited the ER.

Whitney had a lot of fun dying eggs.  She thought it was the coolest.

this is what Ellie thought of dying eggs

this was our first year doing it together.  Clearly we are not professionals!

is this the cutest picture ever or what?!?!

Ellie loves seeing sister first thing in the morning.  Whitney was still trying to wake up and figure out our clues as to what day it was and who visited our house over night.

morning hugs for daddy

found an egg the Easter Bunny hid!

the grass was wet so we had to put a bag over Ellie's leg.

 This is what happened to Ellie's leg.... friday morning we went to the park.  Wade took Ellie down a narrow tube slide.  We know to be careful sliding with your children.  I thought of it as Wade was taking her up and Wade said he thought of it as he positioned her on his lap. She must have kicked her leg out.  Her leg caught and she screamed and cried.  She wouldn't put any weight on it so we decided to take her in.  They didn't see anything on the xray but decided to put a splint on her leg because something obviously happened and she wouldn't put any weight on her leg.  They said in infants it is sometimes hard to detect a fracture until a follow up xray and then they see the calcium deposit.  But.... we just got back from her follow up and she's good!  I cannot wait to give her a bath tonight!!

Letting the girls play in the dirt so I could grill some decent food.  I don't know how many meals of chicken nuggets, hot dogs and butter noodles we've eaten in the last 3+ months!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I seriously cannot turn my back on her or she is up to something.  She figured out how to change the channels on the cable box and she was slapping the tv.  Not to mention she figured out how to climb up there in the first place!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Zoo, Girls, Bike!



she did her own makeup

out to dinner with my friend Michelle on Saturday night


Whitney got her first bike from Pappa! Pappa came down to eat with us so after dinner he gave her the bike and went for a little test drive.  She did so good!  At first she was so interested in her pedaling feet that she forgot to look up at where she was going.  She hasn't quite figured out how to push your feet backwards to use the brakes, but she at least heads for the grass when she feels out of control!