Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins last night. I had too high of expections for carving pumpkins with a toddler. I fully expected her to have fun playing in the guts the entire time. I should have known better! She did have fun on her terms and it was fun to watch her get into the start of the Halloween traditions. Washing up the pumpkins first. I have been pulling a chair up to the sink and letting her go to town in the water. A soaking wet toddler and floor is a small price to pay for a preoccupied toddler while I try to get things done. She thinks it is so fun that multiple times a day she drags the chair over to the sink and gets it positoned just right and climbs on up.

getting the design on the pumpkin

Mine, Whitney's and Wade's pumpkin. With the exception of Whitney's pumpkin we unknowingly kind of chose ourselves. According to Wade I am evil and mean, Whitney has her excited face, and according to me Wade is a big eared gomer!

Wade, or I mean, Wade's pumpkin!
He is pretty proud of his pumpkin and always has to do something different. I on the other hand am okay with simple and ordinary!

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