Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

Another busy weekend in Iowa! On friday afternoon we made a last minute decision to head to Matt and Tiffany's for the night so Wade and Matt could deer hunt saturday morning. Whitney loves her cousin Owen and follows him around and is very concerned with where Owen is at all times. It is pretty funny considering she doesn't care a whole lot what other kids her age are doing. She pronounces his name Oh-nah, can't get her to say Owen. When we got home saturday afternoon she walked around our house looking for Oh-nah. Whitney and Owen

Whitney and Brynna

Then Sunday Grandma Cathy and Great Grandma Audrey came to visit. We went out to eat at Hickory Park, yummy!!

Getting ready for winter!! After living in the heat of Missouri for so long, I am actually looking forward to cold and snow. That is the FIRST time I have ever said that, and I am sure I will regret it two months from now!!
We are continuing to stay busy during the week too. With all of our socializing Whitney is starting to get a little more aggressive and stick up for herself. She fights back and says no when a kid tries to take a toy away. As long as it doesn't get physical I'm happy with that! Last week she bailed minutes into toddler story time, but Thursday morning she stayed in the nursery the entire hour and a half for Bible study. We may be making progress. She was getting really clingy at home and would freak out when I left the room, I think she's continuously afraid I'm going to leave her. She also started waking up in the middle of the night like she was scared. Not to mention she is a BIG TIME mama's girl. Kids!!

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