Monday, November 19, 2012

Ellison- 21 Months

Ellie will be 21 months on the 22nd, but I'll be way to busy that day to blog!  This girl is quite the character!  I seriously laugh at her every day.  She is so silly and thinks everything is joyful.  I cannot believe that she is almost two, she's still my baby!!  I look back at when Whitney was this age and I was weeks away from having Ellie.  Whitney seemed so grown up to me at 21 months, I guess because she was my first and I had nothing to compare her to.  I also had Whitney in her big girl bed, something I am not ready for with Ellie, though I think Ellie would be fine with it. 

Her biggest accomplishment these last few months has been her vocabulary.  She speaks in 3-5 word sentences all the time.  She's also learning phrases I don't care too much for a 21 month old to know.  Just this morning she told me, "stop it, mama!" and "pick it up, mama!".  Little bossy pants!  She still says her "c's" as t's and it cracks me up every time.  Otay!  She tries to say "I don't know" but it comes out as "nigh know".  She calls herself Ella now, so more and more we have been calling her Ella.
She is big into painting right now and wants to paint all day.  She also likes markers, the messier the better with her.  She loves books and could read all day.  She will ask, "what's this" or "what's her name, mama?"  Everything needs a lable.  She likes to be my helper with chores.  She is crazy as ever and still lacks the balance I would think she should have by now.  She is so clumsy and just does not pay attention to what she's doing.  I'm seriously worried about future brain damage she could be inflicting on herself.  Last week she fell off the back of our love seat onto the top of her head on the hard wood floor. I contstantly have to watch her to make sure she isn't doing something dangerous.  She has figured out she can push the chair to the counter and then climb up on the counter tops.  Her problem solving skills are too advanced for her own good.  She also puts things her mouth all the time still.  I know Whitney was way beyond that is this age.  I don't know if it's because Ellie has a paci all the time that she associates putting things in her mouth?  The other day at the zoo she licked a goat!  Ugh!
She is a pretty great sleeper in my book.  She doesn't sleep as long as other toddlers, but she prefers to go to sleep alone and she stays asleep, so I'll take it!  She sleeps about 9pm-7am.  She naps around 12:30 for 2 hrs.  If it's any more than two hours I have to wake her up so she's ready for bed by 9. She does not crawl out of her crib.. yet.  (knock on wood!)  She is a paci monster.  I let her have them way too much and need to confine it to naptime, and car rides.  She at least talks with them.  She will let it hang out the side of her mouth and talk or take it out to talk. 
She likes to go potty in the toilet, but we are not potty training yet.  She's a little too gross about it.  She puts the potty seat on her head, or worse, I'll turn around and she's chewing on it!!  She KNOWS she is not supposed to do it, but she does to see what I'll do.   Once I committ to potty trainging I don't think we'll have any problems.  I'll for sure wait a few more months. 
She can open the refridgerator and open doors.  She is obsessed with animals, particularly dogs.
She wears a size 5 shoe, 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diaper.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween! 2012

Whitney was able to trick or treat for her preschool and she wanted to be a witch again.  I took Ellie to the Welcome Center while Whitney was in preschool and Ellie got to trick or treat too!  If you remember, that's Ellie's bee costume from last year.  Won't be getting any more years out of that one!

Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion, though everyone thought Whitney was the Lion King.  I guess.  And they weren't sure if she was a boy or girl.  As long as she had fun and was excited about her costume, I don't care what she wears.

Trick or treating in our neighborhood was great.  Most houses had their lights on and gave out candy bars, score!!  Both girls did great and were so polite saying trick or treat and thank you.  Hopefully we can instill that in them, bc it drives me crazy to hear kids ask "can I have two?"  no, you can't.  It's free, take what you get and go on to the next house!
I love Halloween and everything about Fall, but I have been ready for Halloween to be over.  We went to our first pumpkin patch back on Sept 21, and we did multiple other events.  I'm not ready for the snow, but I'm impatiently waiting for Thanksgiving so I can get out my Christmas decor!
Tis the season!