Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend Fun

My parents came for the weekend and we had lots of fun!  We went to the zoo, played in the sprinklers, Wade and my Dad went golfing twice (and the girls got to go out on the course and ride in the golf cart as they came around our house), took the girls to a splash pad, got Orange Leaf "ice cream" and did some furniture shopping for our formal living room.  Then Monday late afternoon we checked out the Platte River State Park.  They have cabins that I just may be able to camp in!

the gorillas there were awesome.  I had never seen a gorilla in person.  I could have stayed there for hours, I find them so fascinating.  I did feel bad for them, some of them (like this guy) seemed so sad.   They had quite a few of them, pretty cool.  We have been to the zoo twice now and still haven't seen everything. 

Ellie only likes to hold sister's hand now. 

85ft tower at the state park.  we got to the top and Ellie was running all over and trying to climb up the chain link wall.  She is an animal.  We didn't stay up there long.

always has to pick up sticks

Whitney thought it was so cool to ride in a paddle boat just like Caliou.   It will be nice when we can trust Ellie and take her out there too.

I think I'll have to print this picture and the next one!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ellison- 15 Months

Ellie bear is 15 months today.  Time could stand still at this age (almost).  For both the girls, actually.   I love that at 15 months they have the budding intelligence of a toddler but the tiny cuteness of a baby.

She continues to be so silly.  She finds happiness and humor in everything she does.  Unless she is determined to have or do something her way, she is usually smiley and happy to explore on her own.  Her little toddler temper is starting to show on occasion, but for the most part she is mild mannered.  She is EXTREMELY busy and always into something.  She just does. not. stop.  I think that's why she actually sleeps so well is because she is so busy all the time while she is awake.  I cannot turn my back to her or she is up on the chairs on her way up to the kitchen table.  She is in every cabinet.  I have yet to fully put our bathroom away because every time I think something is "safe" Ellie has shown me that it is not.  She is slowly starting to learn/remember what things are "no".  For the most part she knows better but will still test me to see if I am watching or if I will tell her no again.  I finally got her to understand that it is not okay to pull all my shirts off their hangers.

she likes to walk holding hands.  She thinks she is big stuff.  Strollers are for babies (and well behaved 3 year olds like big sister finally is!)

washing dishes.  They like to put bubbles on their faces and say "ho, ho, ho!"

my paci monster.  She has named them "mimi" or "mee mee" however you want to spell it.  Don't know where she got that from, but that's what she calls them and can ask for them.  I give it to her way too often.  With Wade being gone it was easier to put a plug in her whining mouth and when we went out I let her have it because it kept her from putting disgusting toys in her mouth.  And of course she has to sleep with them.  About 3-4 of them so she can always find one.

Milestones-  basically just adding to her vocabulary.  I wrote down everything I could think of that she can say and she is up to 80+ words.  She can repeat almost anything, but 80+ words are in her usable vocabulary.  It is sooo helpful that she can say what she wants.  "bite, drink, milk, more, mimi, hold you, book, shoes, blanky," etc.  If she wants to do something that one of us is doing she will say "too!"  She has recently learned "please (peas to her)" and is even starting to use it when asking for something.  "bite! bite!  peas!"   She has started to string together small sentences.  When looking for something she asks "are you"  or "sissy, are you?"  She can tell us what she wants a bite of, "bite, cheese."  She can accurately answer yes, no or I do to a question.  You can tell she knows exactly what we say to her.  She adds eee to the ends of words as in water is wawee, chips are chipys, Whitney is Nee Nee.

She loves books.  Loves to look at them by herself or have them read to her.

She can point to all her body parts and can say most of them as well.

She is such a climber.  She can climb what I call ladder walls at the park.  Whitney didn't even attempt those until she was at least two.  She is pretty social and a little show off.  She will be shy at first but gets over it quickly.  She is such a mama's girl.  Not that she wants me to hold her, she just wants to know I am around. 

She is very observant and you can just tell she watches and listens to everything and is figuring out how things work.  She wants to do everything big sister does. (except watch cartoons, I wish she would sometimes!)

She is obsessed with animals.  Especially dogs.  She goes nuts when she sees a dog and just has to touch it and "woof" at it.

She likes songs.  She can sing "ashes, ashes, down!"  If we say McDonalds, as in the place to eat, she hears us and sings "e i, e i, ooo!"  She likes to row her boat and sings "row, row, row!"

Eating-  great eater.  I wish she would drink more liquids.  She loves Rolos (roro's) and can ask for them.  Now, who would give her Rolo's ?!?! 

Sleep-  She naps once a day around noon for 2-3 hrs.  I actually prefer 2-2.5 hr nap so she sleeps better at night.  Bedtime is about 8:30/8:45 and she wakes around 7.  However, the brighter it is earlier in the morning the earlier the mowers are out on the golf course, so that has been waking her up earlier than she normally would be up.  Today they were out at 5:45am, ugh!  She sleeps all night through and puts herself to sleep.  She won't even let me hold her even when I want to.  She dives for the crib and isn't happy until I put her down.

Stats- still about 21lbs, 12-18 month clothes.  Size 3 diaper.  Size 5 shoe.  12 teeth, just waiting on the four eye teeth. Blonde hair with a slight curl to the ends and blue eyes.  Sometimes I look at her and I can see my niece Alaina when she was a baby.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pictures and Popcorn

Dancing with Daddy at a wedding.  She was so nervous to dance, which was funny because the last wedding we went to we couldn't get her off the dance floor!

my little minis reading with me on Mother's day

trouble maker- yes, she did that on her own

I was making a pasta salad yesterday and gave them two small bowls of popcorn to eat on the floor while I was busy.  I turn around and they had smashed popcorn all over.  I know that Ellie started it and Whitney went along with it.  Them "helping" me clean it up.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whitney's Birthday Survey

What is your favorite color? red
What is your favorite toy? a rattle
What is your favorite fruit? pancake
What is your favorite tv show? Dora
What is your favorite lunch? blueberries
What is your favorite outfit? a skirt
What is your favorite game? Nickelodeon Dance
What is your favorite snack? pretzles
What is your favorite animal? kitty
What is your favorite song? Dora song
What is your favorite book? Curious George
Who is your best friend? Devon
What is your favorite cereal? Cookie Crisp
What is your favorite thing to do outside? play in the back yard
What is your favorite drink? milk
What is your favorite holiday? Halloween
What do you take to bed? kitty and dino
What do you like to have for breakfast? pretzles
What do you want for dinner on your birthday? bananas
What do you want to be when you grow up? Grandma Bissell

last night we were in the basement dancing to her new Nickelodeon Dance game for the Wii.  She was spinning around or just lost her balance or somehthing, and slammed her face into the coffee table.  She hit her nose and cheek on her right side.  We thought for sure she broke her nose.  Good thing Wade was there to sit with her because as soon as I saw blood come out her left nostril (the opposite side that she hit) I almost threw up, my vision started to get blurry and I had to lay down.  ER nurse is not in my future.  It's just a little puffy today, we're surprised she hasn't gotten a black eye out of the deal.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Whitney- 3 Years

Whitney is THREE!!  Her birthday was May 1.  I tried my best to make her day special.  I feel bad that we just moved last week and she wasn't able to have a party with anyone.  The pictures are a little out of order because I put some up the other day, blah blah blah.  We blew up some balloons and curled some ribbon and put it outside her door with a trail of ribbon leading down to the living room where her presents awaited her.  She's not a morning person and she couldn't figure out why there were balloons outside her room.   My cousin Mandy and her boyfriend came over for dinner and cake that evening to help us celebrate.
frosting lips!

I tried to do a little photo shoot because she looked so cute in her purple dress with the purple walls but she was not cooperative at all and wouldn't sit still, wouldn't sit there without something in her hands and she wouldn't smile.  She's kind of a serious girl so I guess it suits her.

she got a new t ball set that she is really good at, and if you're curious... the back side of our house

the trail through our house...

trying to wake up and figure out what is going on

she still loves her milk and sippy cup so she thought she was pretty special to have a decorated cup

making her cake.  I was going to let her pick out a birthday cake from walmart, but my mom convinced me she would have more fun making her own, I went with that.  And it was cheaper :)  She picked out a strawberry cake mix and chocolate fudge frosting and flower shaped sprinkles.

I have so much I want to write about her at three, especially because I didn't do a 2 1/2 year post.  Ugh, horrible parent!  I have little time, so here's a little bit....

Her personality has changed a lot in the last year.... for the better.  She still has her moments, but gone are the constant tantrums and whining.  It really was unbearable for a while and embarrassing to be honest.  For the most part she really is a good kid.  She listens well and behaves well.  She is learning to speak nicely. 

She loves her milk and juice.  One of these days we'll get rid of the sippy cup, one of these days.  She loves chocolate milk shakes.  Loves her cartoons, especially Team UniZoomi.  Which is fine with me because at Ellie's nap time she watches cartoons and I can cuddle with her and then get chores done. 

She is done napping and will then sleep about 8:30-7:30.  Works for me.  I prefer her not to nap because when she does she isn't ready for bed until 10pm.  Besides the fact that she doesn't sleep very much compared to other kids her age, she is a good sleeper.  She doesn't fight bedtime.  We lay with her a few minutes and she falls asleep on her own after we have left.  She doesn't wake up at night.

She loves to help with chores.  I give a magic eraser and tell her to scrub all the spots on the wall.  I try to include her more because I know she gets bored during the day when we are home. 

She loves cudles and she is getting a lot better with Ellie.  They will actually play together now and Whitney likes to give Ellie hugs and kisses.

She wears 2t/3t pants and 3t tops.  About 31 lbs.  Size 7 shoe.

Whitney was potty trained at 28 months and took to it really well.  She stays dry at night.  In fact, I can't remember the last night she wet at night so I think once we are out of our diapers ( I have about 10 left and will use them two nights in a row, so about 20 days worth) I will let her wear undies at night.  The off day she does nap she doesn't wear a diaper then.

Can you believe I have only cut the back of her hair?  I have never cut her bangs or sides.  Her hair is growing in SO. SLOW.