Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We spent Thanksgiving weekend at my parent's house. Whitney absolutely adores my parents, so it makes for some relaxing times for me! Wade spent most of his time deer hunting with my brother but with no luck. DARN!! (insert scarcasm) We did some friday morning shopping, 9:30am shopping, we weren't feeling crazy this year. Unfortunately we didn't find what we wanted, so it was a bust. I attempted to get some Christmas photos taken but with our broken camera we couldn't get a family photo without doing the obvious look of a self taken photo.

Whitney loved playing with her cousins, however, I was awful about taking pictures over the weekend and all I got was Whitney with Alaina.

This is what Whitney thought about taking pictures. We tried to do a grandkids shot but couldn't get participation out of Whitney.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

28 Weeks

28 weeks now!!! I don't intentionally cut my head off, I just take the pics myself and many functions on our camera are broken, like the self timer, after I dropped it! I had my glucose test already and haven't heard anything, so I'm assuming I passed that, not that I was worried I wouldn't. My body is quite used to processing sugar. I have to admit that operation sugar reduction is on hold. I can't help myself! I love chocolate! My current obsession is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. (thanks Melissa for putting that bug in my ear!) I can tell I've been eating poorly lately because I am starting to crave healthy foods like fruits. Good thing the left over cheesecake is about gone because it's not the healthiest breakfast!! Baby is growing on schedule and kicking and moving away, being most active at 10/10:30 when I am trying to fall asleep. I am happy to say that she is still head down/a little tranverse, from what I can tell. At this point with Whitney I could tell that her head was nestled up between my ribs, which would explain why these pregnancies look different, becauce I'm carrying them differently!! I certainly look smaller than I feel. When I look down at my belly it seems ginormous!

Beginning to Look Like Christmas!!!

I usually have a no Christmas until after Thanksgiving rule, but I couldn't help myself this year. Maybe it's because Whitney actually has an interest and fascination in the fun decorations and lights. And my Mom was here and Whitney was napping, so she helped me get the fall decor put away and the Christmas decorations up. I also don't have a whole lot so it doesn't take long, and we don't have a tree yet. That gets put up a few weeks before. I am also very excited that we actually have a fireplace with a mantle and hooks were already in place for our stockings. Whitney calls them "big sockies"! Why yes, I guess they are big socks. It's funny to see things through the eyes of a child!
"yes, I know I am glamourous in this garland!"

Homemade Playdough

I attempted to make homemade play dough yesterday while we were bored at home and needed a craft to keep us entertained. Well, I didn't add enough water and it was pretty dry. Whitney was not impressed. She took a bite and it was overwhelmingly salty and she spit and coughed! I added more water, too much water this time, and gave it back to her and she just pushed it back. I guess we'll be buying the real thing! I "washed" my hands with the play dough and they were super smooth, so I guess I'll use the rest as an exfoliater. If used gently enough it may even work on your face. OR... if you add a little baking soda to your face wash that works as an amazing exfoliater as well!

Silly Girl

Just because I think she is cute!
Blogger is being SO annoying and posting my pics sideways even though they are horizontal pics!! I got this little Dora fold out couch for a Christmas present and she is pushing Wade off the couch. She does not want him on it! I will hide the chair tonight and give it back at Christmas.

Wade taught her how to "relax" a while back - cross her feet and put her hands behind her head. This is the position she gets in if we tell her to relax.

Watching George, our babysitter! And Dora too, she is also in love with Dora right now.

I was back in her room getting something for her to wear for the day and this is how she walked into the room. Daddy's hat and my boots on her hands!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snow Magic On Main

Last night the Main Street Cultuarl District put on Snow Magic on Main. They had Santa, caroling and a tree lighting to kick off the ceremony. It was a little chilly and windy but we made the best of it for about an hour. My mom came with us and we met up with Melissa, Kreg, and their little girl Landrey.

Whitney was afraid of Cy and would hold her hands over her face, or grab your hand and put it over her face. I don't think she will be sitting on Santa's lap this year!

On a horse drawn carriage ride. We had the lovely opportunity to sit right in front of the poop bucket!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

18 Month Appt

We had Whitney's 18 month appt. today. She does NOT like the Dr's office and starts crying and squirming as soon as we walk in the room. I suppose she remembers the shots??? She only had two this time, but couldn't stop saying "owwee" as we left and "owee all done". Call me horrible, but I'm not taking her back for her second series of the flu shot. I never did last year either. Her official stats are 22.7 lbs naked (20%) and 32 in (56%). I guess she'll be a light weight! I must be getting weaker because I could have sworn she was getting heavier!
She likes to wear hats. Thank goodness, because she doesn't have much hair to keep her head warm and I won't have to fight her to wear it.
Wade has been building forts with Whitney at night. Now she wants to build "tents", as Whitney calls it, during the day. I have to tell her that daddy builds tents, not mommy. Frankly, I'm tired after playing with her all day and I'll leave the high energy activities for daddy. I don't think I have to explain to any mother how exhausting it is to wake up early, figure out what to feed them multiple times a day, go to play groups and activities, grocery shop and take care of a house with a toddler. Oh, I'll use the pregnancy card too. Did I mention that for over a week now she has decided 1/2 hr naps are sufficient? Yeah. It's really frustrating since I used to be able to count on at least a two hour nap to relax and get things done. (she's watching Curious George right now, that's the only way I am getting this post up) So you assume she is sleeping more at night since she doesn't sleep during the day, WRONG!!! I'm hoping she won't be like her cousin Alaina who dropped naps all together by the time she was two. There will be some long days around here come February.

Peeking out over the tent, I think Wade forgot that Whitney put my headband on him!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wade's Deer

Pictures of Wade's deer he got Thursday in Southern Iowa.
From a trail camera about 10 days earlier.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Blanket Phobia

Wade has a blanket phobia that I think Whitney has acquired also. Wade doesn't like blankets trapping his feet. He freaks out when blankets are tucked in to the bottom of the bed because he says it feels like his feet are trapped. Half the time he sleeps with his feet sticking out of the blanket. If blankets are tucked in he pulls on them until they are free. I gave up tucking in blankets years ago. In fact, we haven't had a sheet on our bed in years because Wade gets tangled up in it and freaks out. We sleep with one blanket on our bed. Whitney apparently has this phobia too. She is okay with a blanket on her back if she is on her tummy, but if I try to put a blanket on top of us while we are sitting down, she freaks out that it is touching her, especially if it is over her feet. Weird.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whtiney 1.5

The little bit of hair that she has, I'm tempted to cut off her rat tail so it will all grow in evenly, but I wouldn't dare cut off what precious little she has!
Whitney is now 18 months, WOW!!!! Every day/week/month gets better with her. I love how much more she understands and the little bursts of intelligence that shine through. For example, I used to show her what slot to put her shape in, and Wade said I shouldn't do that, she can figure it out. Sure enough she tried different holes until she found the right one. I always underestimate how much she really knows. She is remembering to use her words when she wants something so her tantrums are getting a little less. Thank goodness!
A few fun things about her at this age, and maybe some not so fun.....
Sleep- about 9hrs at night, a good night is 10hrs, and usually at least a 2hr nap. If she naps too long during the day she can't sleep at night
Teeth- in the last two months she went from only having 6 teeth to getting 6 more with at least her top two eye teeth on the verge on pushing through
Weight- 22-23lbs, not sure on height
Food- not so much, she has good eating days and bad. She has learned she can ask for specific food and sometimes it is pickles! She eats better with a fork, and prefers an adult fork. She sits at the table with a plate. I am learning to stress less about it and continue to offer food choices and not stress if she decides not to eat. She loves milk and any kind of juice, so much so that I have to limit how much she can have during the day
Favorite activites- books, dancing, bath time, watching Curious George, coloring and playing outside
Hates- sitting in a shopping cart, having her poopy diaper changed, sitting still for meals, going to the nursery at church, having her soapy head rinsed off, sleeping at other houses and coming in from outside- I have to lure her in and tell her she can watch George

Trick or Treating Part 2

Friday night we went trick or treating around the neighborhood. We met up with Grandma Cathy, the Vandewater cousins and Matt, Tiffany and Owen. Whitney had fun while it was still light out and she let Grandma take her up to all the houses. It was a big group, 10 kids total. Whitney was done about 40 minutes in and didn't want to ride in the wagon or let anyone else hold her. I think it more had to do with the cold she caught and is still fighting, and that I am still fighting too. Darn cold/flu season!!!
Whitney wasn't sure about going up to this guy!

Whitney and Owen the scarecrow