Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just Because....

Here are some pictures just because I have been so horrible about taking pictures, let alone putting up the pictures I have taken.  Last friday I remembered to take the camera to the pumpkin patch with us, but guess what?  I left the memory card in the computer!  Guess we'll have to go to another pumpkin patch!  Sunday afternoon we went to the zoo for a few hours and took the camera along...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Just Dance

Whitney started dance classes on Monday.  She was so excited and had been waiting so long for classes to start.  She's always had some natural rhythm and likes to dance, but she really got interested when we went to my cousin's dance recital.  She remembered moves and would do them at home, pretty well I might add!


class is once a week for 45 minutes for the entire school year.  If she sticks it out there is a dance recital in June.  The kids go in with the teacher and the parents either hang out or you can leave and come back.  Being the first time I stuck around and watched her through the two way mirror.  It was the cutest thing ever to see her so excited.  She couldn't stop smiling the whole time!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Growing Girls

We had Ellie's 18 month and Whtiney's 3 year appoitment this morning.  They did so good for the doctor and nurse, I couldn't believe it!  After we went to "Old McDonalds" for ice cream because they did so good :)

31.4 lbs
38ish inches
21.8 lbs
33 inches