Monday, May 31, 2010

Wilson Wedding

Last weekend, May 22, was our good friends Michelle and Tony's wedding. I was a bridesmaid and Wade was a groomsman. Wade and Tony are hometown friends and also lived together in college. Michelle and I met in college and became roommates for three years, plus a few years after college as well living in Des Moines together. I could go on and on about the history of our friendships, but I will keep it short. Michelle and Wilson (that's Tony's last name but we all call him Wilson) met in college through Wade and I, but just as friends. They didn't even look twice at each other or even fathom a relationship at the time. As fate would have it, Wilson got a job in Des Moines and started hanging out with me and Michelle more. Their friendship grew into something more and they secretly dated before revealing to the rest of us that is was the real thing, because who would have ever thought that they would end up together! Well, it couldn't be more perfect to have two friends marry each other. It was a beautiful, well thought out wedding with no detail forgotten. We were happy to be a part of it! before leaving for the weekend. We left Whitney for the first time ever with Wade's sister. She did amazing and had a busy weekend with her two cousins. Thankfully it was nice that weekend and they were able to spend a lot of time outdoors, which helped Whitney sleep good for naps and bedtime. Thanks Jess!!
the groomsmen and long time Alden friends, Nolan, Adam, Nick, Dave and Wade

college friends and roommates, Michelle, Bonnie, Amanda, Michelle and me

They were having their "special moment" seeing each other for the first time. love this picture, they were married at Living History Farms in West Des Moines, or is it technically Clive

Jennifer, Kaci, Michelle, Me, Amanda, Tiffany

Michelle getting a drink out of her martini luge, her prize event of the evening

old college friends- Amanda, Jen, Michelle, Me, Michelle, Bonnie

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Back to our Iowa trip..... one day we went to a park in Cedar Rapids and had a picnic and fed some geese and ducks, some very eager geese! not only does she like to carry things around, but she likes to wear things too!
she was a little afraid of the geese at first, they were pretty agressive and would honk and eat right out of your hand, but soon she was down running around trying to chase them, Wade would have been so proud if he was there!

Alaina, Leanne and Callie ~ Alaina and Leanne were afraid of the geese!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pool Party!

Whitney loved her new pool! Wade was a party pooper and wouldn't get in with us!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

1 Year Appt

Whitney finally had her 1 year appoitment this morning. She weighs 20lbs 4oz and 30.25 inches. She had three shots and 1 blood draw, which was awful. I had no idea that they drew blood out of the arm at 1 year. She has napped and is now playing and happy, so I guess she's over it. She still has just six teeth, can say about 20 words and repeat noises. She went through a lot of changes in the past month. We finished breastfeeding, took her bottle away, no milk during the night if she woke up, she had her first weekend away from us and she did amazing, and we're dealing with how to handle her little outbursts. She is doing really well with sleeping, she can finally COMPLETELY put herself to sleep, before it was me patting her back and going back in every few minutes and she sleeps 10hrs straight through the night, with one midday 2hr nap. I sometimes miss my baby, but I am so amazed with how quickly she is learning and she is more enjoyable every day!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Children's Museum

In Iowa City in the Coralville Mall there is a Children's Museum. I wasn't sure what Whitney would think of it, but thought hey, it's something to do. Well, she loved it. It is completely geared towards children, hence the name, so everything is built to scale for little people. It was especially fun for my niece who is three, because she is able to learn and play more with the different activity rooms. We easily spent over two hours there and didn't even see everything. It is well worth the trip, Whitney loved it and I loved seeing her have fun. It was only like $6, and they have a military discount, buy one admission get one free! Wasn't sure what she would think of the carousel with the horses going up and down and around and the loud music and lights, but she loved it. We had to go on it twice.

Whitney, Callie and Alaina

grocery shopping!

in the pediatric unit

at first I thought this was really funny and cute, but then realized it is kind of sad because there are children out there who need a walker, but I suppose it is good to teach children about hospitals and different needs people may have

with a little cane

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're Back!

After three weeks of being on the road we are finally back home!!! And it feels great, except for the times when I've woken up during the night these last two nights and didn't have a clue where I was or where Whitney was sleeping! I had to look around until I realized it was our bedroom furniture in the room. Our trip was spread out over three weeks and three different houses and one hotel room, so you can understand how I could easily be confused, not to mention we moved about every 18 months for the last five years. I left off on the blog while we were still at my parent's, and I'll start back with some pictures from my sister's. There are lots of pics, and I'll get them up in seperate posts based on what we did. Hopefully a post a day, there's lots to do at home after being gone for so long........... enjoy! Our last day in Postville my friend Stephani, whom I hadn't seen in AGES brought over her little boy Alfredo. He was so cute, shy at first but then he was giving me and Whitney hugs when it was time to go.
Callie, Alaina (does she look like Leanne or what?!?), Whitney

bath time, the girls took a bath together every night, and yes, Whitney is five months older than Callie, but you wouldn't guess it looking at them!

Whitney likes sunglasses!

So cute, Whitney loved giving out hugs to Alaina and Callie. I think she was a little overwhelmed by all the activity and extra noise of her two cousins when we first got there, but she got over it and loves them and now I'm afraid she's going to be bored at home with just me!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Few Pictures

Wade is training at Ft Riley right now for two weeks so we made the drive back to Postville to my parent's house so we wouldn't be home alone. It has been pretty cold and a few days of some high winds and I didn't pack well for the cooler temps. It has been three years since I have been home, and Whitney's first time in Postville. Whitney loves the attention from Grandma and Grandpa. We were also able to visit my friend Misty and her boys, my Grandma Bissell, my cousin and her daughter (who Whitney was terrified of even though they are days apart in age, it was kind of funny) and today my friend Stephani is coming over with her little boy. More pictures to come... we aren't done with this trip yet, on to CR to my sisters and then to DM to Wade's sister's. Where's the warm weather mom?
I can't wait 'til I get to high school!

First Birthday

Whitney's first birthday was Saturday May 1. It was a small family affair. My parents came down and the Welsh's from Camdenton came down to help us celebrate. Whitney loved all of the attention, despite being tired and sick. She was so tired that she wanted nothing to do with her cake, she didn't want to play in it or eat it.

Lot's of cool presents!! Whitney of course liked the crinkly paper best.