Friday, October 29, 2010

Bass Pro Shop

Wednesday night we went to Bass Pro Shop in Altoona. It was cold, windy and rainy that night so the store was empty and Whitney ran around like she owned the place. She loved the big fish tank and the talking moose on the wall. I even put her in her pink camo for the trip. I think I deserve some cool wife points from Wade for that one! We also ate at the Fish Bowl, the restaurant attached to the store. Neither one of us was impressed with the food. I got the pulled pork sandwich and couldn't even eat it. Thankfully when the manager came around and asked how our meal was I honestly said it wasn't that great, in fact I said it was "icky" and had an uneaten sandwich to prove it. I'm not picky and don't complain to staff but I was feeling honest and disappointed in the meal, so we got mine for free!! The prices were reasonable and the food was just okay. I won't say we won't give it a second chance though if we go back.

Christmas present?!?!?

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