Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As I mentioned, Whitney stayed with Wade's sister while we were at the wedding. Since we were both in it, it was impossible to have her with us. We left friday afternoon and didn't see her until sunday morning. I wasn't sure I wanted reports on how she was doing, I was afraid that if she didn't do well and couldn't sleep then I would be a nervous wreck, but it turned out that she did so great and it was a relief to hear how well she was doing. I was able to enjoy the weekend without thinking about her too much. It sounded like she did better for Jessica than she does for me!! I didn't get any pictures of Whitney with the Vandewater cousins, so please check out Jessica's blog. This should conclude our Iowa trip, now it's time to catch up on our Memorial Day activities.


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  1. Maybe because she had a playmate! Time get her a brother or sister :) hehe