Monday, June 7, 2010

Poor Whitney

I mentioned in my previous post that Whitney wasn't feeling well and had a poop explosion. Turns out she was feverish on friday and saturday I started to notice little red spots. She got chicken pox after getting her vaccine. She probably has about 30 spots, mostly on her upper body, but as of yesterday she now has some on her face and legs. She doesn't seem bothered by them, like she's not itching them or anything but I'm going to get some calamine any way since she can't tell me how she feels. She has been super sleepy and just wiped out. On top of her chicken pox sickness she fell and rammed her bottom two teeth up into the top of her gums first on thursday and again on saturday. So not only does she feel like crud, now she doesn't want to eat or drink anything because her mouth hurts. She has finally started to drink milk again this morning, so hopefully she'll get some energy back. Saturday eveing we were trying to eat dinner and Whitney was drinking her milk and laying her head back while sitting in her booster chair, so I laid out her blanket for her and laid her down with Kitty and Dino. This is the first time she has EVER just chilled by herself, so you know she doesn't feel so good.........
then Wheel of Fortune came on so she needed a better look, I think she is trying to solve the puzzle!

big Oakley truch at Bass Pro (we took this pic for you Wilson!) we went to Bass Pro sunday so Wade could spend his Bass Pro gift card, thanks Mom!

not even out of Springfield and she was out


  1. Was Wade doing some crazy driving? She looks like she's holding on for dear life!! ha

  2. Omg! are those "oh sh*t" bars on her carseat?? Thats hysterical!!