Friday, June 4, 2010

Interesting Day Already

Our day started out that Whitney slept almost 12 hrs last night. She usually only sleeps 10hrs at night, and lately 9-9.5 hrs. We had a goodbye coffee on post at 9.30 and then a Change of Command ceremony at 11. She started acting tired and hadn't eaten much. I thought for sure she would fall asleep on the way home, but she just watched her video and looked uncomfortable like she didn't feel well and was trying to poop. She seemed okay once we got home but she wouldn't eat any lunch and just wanted me to hold her. I put her down for her nap and I went back after a minute to cover her up but she was still squirming around and couldn't get settled so I gave her a few more minutes. I heard her moving around and talking so I went into her room and she was standing up and looked at me and said "oh no!" and pointed down into her crib. There was poop EVERYWHERE! It came out the back of her diaper, big time! It was even on the bumper pad because she must have sat up against it. Poor thing! We've had minor blowouts when she was a tiny baby, but this is our first big girl poop mess in the crib. Thankfully she wasn't touching it or trying to eat it, but it was all over her feet and legs and up her back. I think she knew it was gross because she was snorting her nose. You know, breathing out hard and fast. Got her cleaned up, washed out the clothes and bedding, gave her a bath and down for a nap, again. Now, I go to take out our recycling to the garage and find this little friend.......

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  1. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! On both things, the poop and the mouse, although I'd much rather deal with poop everywhere than a rodent. Crazy I know!