Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Photos

she loves her sunglasses! she puts them on herself
Her new obsession is pushing around her stoller. My parents got it for her for Easter, but she would trip over it and didn't quite know how to manuever it so I put it away for a few months. Now she's a pro and pushes it around everywhere and will put anything in it she can find!

She loves making new friends when we're out. She even tries to leave with them when they leave. We are at the Pulaski County Fair. There wasn't much there and Whitney was too little for the rides and we paid too much for fried food, but I had the best pork tenderloin I have EVER had!!

Whitney wiped out in the sludge on our curb.

so I put her directly into her pool. and yep that's a new one, our other one blew away in a freak storm that came up! I had just emptied it hours before to move it and now it is no where to be found, we combed the neighborhood for it and asked a few neighbors if it blew into their fenced yard.

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