Thursday, June 3, 2010

Springfield Zoo

Sunday we made an inpromptu trip to the Springfield Zoo. We packed a picnic lunch and had lunch outside the zoo under a pavillion and Whitney played on the little playground there for a while. It was hot and muggy, it was supposed to storm but thankfully didn't. If we were thinking, we would not have gone on such a hot day, because the animals laid around like they were half dead. But, Whitney enjoyed the zoo and did so good the entire time. We were there about two hours and she either wanted to walk or be held. So much for having a stroller! We were really happy that she enjoyed it and we had a great family day. Whitney was so tired that she fell asleep immediately upon leaving so we skipped Bass Pro, next time Daddy!
watching the ducks

this kid loves water!

the giraffes were AWESOME! they had a feeding deck so you could get up close. it was $2 for four wafers to feed them, worth it for the awesome photo op.

this is the second oldest giraffe in captivity in the US. you could tell, he was kind of grey, super tall, and super calm. Like, been there done that.

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