Friday, June 25, 2010

Brigade Change of Command and a few more pics

This poor cat showed up at the park yesterday morning and it was so thin :( It's nipples were swollen so it just had babies and I wanted to feed it because it was crying and meowing at us, so I tried to give her some goldfish crackers and I put some water in my cupholder but she wouldn't touch either. If she didn't have babies I maybe would have taken her home. I love animals and Whitney does too, but can't bring myself to own anything, I have a hard enough time keeping a clean house without them!
no idea how she got this warning sticker on her back

helping me pick out my outfit, didn't even know she was putting on jewelry!

Wade is second from the right, wish I could have gotten a picture just to show you how many Soldiers were on the field. We were at the Brigrade Change of Command. I had to take our little terror back behind the bleachers in the shade because it was hot, and mainly because she does not sit still!

thought it was cool how their stride is all lined up, it's the 94th EN BN coming by

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