Thursday, June 3, 2010

13 Months and 31 Years

Happy Birthday Dad! I sit on your head!
I didn't really plan on keeping up with monthly updates now that she is one, but thought I would mention this one since it was also Wade's birthday. In Wade news, it's probably safe to say at this point that he will be starting school at Iowa State this fall. We still don't have orders (surprise, surprise) but we are counting on the fact that it will continue to go through. It better because our house is for sale and it will soon be a rental, hopefully today or tomorrow if I can get on it and get off this blog! Also, Wade will be done with command on July 16 after 18 months. Whew!!
In Whitney news, she has started to learn some new coordination feats. A few weeks ago she started twirling around in circles and earlier this week she has figured out that she can walk backwards. It looks like she is moon walking! She'll shuffle backwards until she runs into something. If she is careful she can walk down a few steps by herself holding on to the wall, but most of the time she forgets and trys to run down them. She tries to put her own shoes on and last night she found Wade's socks and tried to put them on his feet. She has figured out that things belong in certain places or certain ways. She likes to scribble and knows that a pen and paper go together. Thankfully she doesn't write on walls, yet! Still no more teeth, don't know what is taking so long!!! I suppose that is it, I could on and on about her little discoveries but just wanted to mention her twirling and moon walking! And that Whitney is 29 inches, NOT 30.25 inches like the dr's measured. She fits just below our kitchen table, so I had an aha moment and measured our table, which is 29 inches.

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