Friday, June 4, 2010

Splash Pad

Wednesday morning I took Whitney to the splash pad in the Waynesville Park. There was a storm blowing through and it was a little chilly. I tried to get her to play on the playground while the clouds were rolling through but she was lured into the sound of water splashing. She loved the little water fountains, but did not like it when she lost her balance and fell into the big fountains. It was a little chilly, so she lasted about five minutes before she decided she was cold and didn't like the big water getting her. And of course by the time we played on the playground some more the sun came out and was blazing hot again. We'll maybe go back this afternoon since it is going to be hotter than hot. I am now caught up with my picture posting, don't get upset if there is nothing up for a week! (grandma's!)
I would also like to say that Little Swimmers SUCK!! Sure they don't balloon up and weigh 10lbs like regular diapers, but they don't hold anything in either! I was watching her and all of a sudden I see pee running down her leg! And yes the diapers fit very well, they were not loose at all. I may as well let her be in just her suit. But do I keep putting her in those expensive swim pants just so other people think I'm being responsible?
you can see the grey storm clouds, it was about 10am

you can see here where she is playing with the little fountain, and then she fell backwards and was getting showered with the big cold drops, she did not like it, though she didn't cry!

and the little fountains turn on and off, she would would be looking at the empty holes and then the water would turn on and get her in the face

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