Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

One big long post, here we go..........

December 17.  Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Schmitt and Great Grandma Audrey.  There was no shortage of presents or food!

if you look at Whitney she found some presents with her name on them.  She carried them around everywhere and was afraid someone was going to take them.  She even had to eat with them.

they look like little Ghost Busters with their matching sleepingbag backpacks with flash lights

Whitney and Brynna


December 22
Christmas at my sister's.  Again, no shortage of presents.


Whitney doesn't give sister love very often, but we got this one on camera!




December 23, back at home playing with new presents

December 24

Back at Jessica's for Chirstmas with Papa

Grant's expression cracks me up!

Owen, Tiffany, Elijah, Matt, Papa, Grant, Lee, Brynna, Jessica, Ellie, Me, Wade, Whitney

I wanted a cute picture of the girls since they were dressed up.  This is what we got.  They were pictured out and we were late for Church.

Santa Came!!!


Christmas Morning

Whitney eating cookies that Santa didn't finish

Ellie wasn't big into opening the presents, she let Whitney do all the unwrapping

Whitney has been asking every day if she can wait for Santa.  Sorry honey, it will be a long wait!  I have to show her the calendar with everyone's birthdays and holidays and anything else that comes first before Santa comes again.

The End 

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