Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday

It's friday, it's friday!  We survived the week and Wade comes home today!   The week actually went quite well (minus the ER trip monday night).  Ellie has been sleeping all night!!!  She naps a lot less during the day, but I'll put up with that if it means 9-12hrs in her crib at night!!!  It makes a world of a difference in my mood and energy and how I react to outbursts and tantrums.   Whitney is so like me it's scary.  I have to remember love and logic when I deal with her.  Anyway, not where I really wanted to go with today's post.  Just wanted to share a few pictures from our week. 

Talking to Daddy on the phone.  I told Ellie to say hi to daddy and she started waving at the phone.  It was hilarious!

time to throw out the thanksgiving leftovers.  have you ever seen red mold??

what a portion of our house looked like yesterday morning.  Whitney took lots of pictures but I'll spare you of the play by play of our house!

 I was invited to a cookie exchange by our landlord/neighbor.  I didn't want to go.  I don't like to bake, especially when I have two girls underfoot or using up precious nap time when I could be doing other things, like watching One Life to Live while browsing the internet!  I felt obligated to go and my mom played on conscience too.  I am a baking failure.  I had a box of brownie mix so I thought I would add marshmallows.  I have never baked with marshmallows before.  They melted into the brownie and left pockets of air.  Those stayed home last night.

I rant to Target yesterday afternoon because I destroyed the brownies and over baked (burnt) most of the pumpkin spice cookies I had made earlier.  I got a roll of peanut butter dough and these mini Hershey kisses.  Target does not have those chocolate stars.  Have you ever seen them done this way?  No, it looks ridiculous!

I was getting stressed out that I spent all this time baking ( ie using prepackaged goods) neglecting the girls  and the house, failing to get dinner on the table and our appearances were in shambles with 45 minutes to spare.  On the way over I let Whitney carry the container of frosted cookies.  They ended up a globbed mess.  We stayed about 45mins.  I chased Ellie around and Whitney chased me chasing Ellie.  My neighbors daughter talked to me making me fell welcome while the older neighbors talked about school issues.  Bath time was calling.....

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  1. using precious nap time to watch OLTL and browse the internet! HAHA who does that. ;) Oh yeah me! And your floor looks way better than mine. Good lord our neighbors dropped by yesterday to ask if Lo could play and had to come in b/c of the cold and b/c that would be rude to make them wait on the porch and I was so embarrassed! But that is a losing battle. Have a good weekend. glad wade will be home!