Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ellison- 10 Months

I'm doing this a few days early because I have the opportunity now and we'll be busy the end of the week when she really is 10 months on the 22nd.  She has been busy this month.  I'll just jump right in to the milestones.  She is walking.  Totally walking.  No more crawling for this girl.  She can stand in one place, turn corners, turn around, the whole nine yards.  She's ready to run and chase sister but can't get her legs to move as fast as her mind and she face plants squealing the whole way.  Now that Ellie is walking Whitney is starting to interact with her more as a playmate.  She can communicate with me by leading me by the hand, or stretching out her arm on where she wants to go.  If I ask if she has a hungry tummy she will take me to the cupboard or her chair.  When she is done eating she raises her arms up for me and I swear she said "all done" the other day.  Not all done as we would say it, more like ah dah, but she's 10 months so that is how she speaks.  She also tells me she is done by throwing her food on the floor.  Just last night we learned she could point at a specific picture when asking her. for example, "where is the monkey" and she finds it and points right at it.  (we have a George book and a little George head is hiding on each page and she finds it and points at it)  Totally cool.  First I didn't even realize she was paying attention when I would point out George and second I didn't realize she could point with her index finger.  When she is all done with bath time she reaches for her towel.  She can roar like a lion, moo, say mama, dada, oh no and wow.

she thought it was totally fun pounding on the presents.  This is usually how she is, mouth wide open, excited and happy.  she is the best baby

this is her serious sassy face.  her "I'm going to put this in mouth, are you watching me?" face. she does this a lot too.  and if I tell her no, she will reach her arm out at me and grunt

Sleep-  really great now!!  She sleeps about 9-10 hrs and has a bottle and will usually go back to bed for another 1-2 hours.  Her bedtime is 8:30, give or take depending on her last nap.  She has had quite a few days lately that she only takes one nap and then she is ready for a 7:30/8 bedtime.  She can put herself to bed just fine and prefers to do so.  She is not a cuddler.  She is all business when it comes time to go to bed.  So unlike her sister it just blows my mind.  She is usually up 3-4hrs before her first nap, so her schedule depends on when she starts her day.

Eating- still awesome.  Again, she totally blows my mind compared to Whitney who didn't and still does not like to eat.  Ellie has  4-5 bottles per day about 4oz each time.  She completely self feeds and finds it very odd if I try to feed her off a spoon.  She is not crazy about smooth textures.   She loves blueberries, strawberries, toast, cheese, fries, raisins, cereal bars, pancakes.  she does not like bananas or pears.  she's not real crazy about vegetables except sweet potato fries.

size- 19lbs,  wears size 12mo pj's and 12-18 clothing.  Size 3 shoe. Size 3 diaper.

likes-  books, babies, stuffed animals, opening and closing doors, pretending to do puzzles with sister, push chairs around the kitchen, pull books off the shelf at the library, eat wet wash cloths, walk, carry things while she walks, soft blankets, going to the gym to play, being naughty to see see my reaction, bite my shoulder to see my reaction and then pout and cry when I tell her no biting, toy computer, go through bags, open and clothes drawers, play peek a boo, push buttons

dislikes- diaper changes and getting dressed.  She still acts as if I had never done that before.  there isn't much she doesn't like.  She doesn't like to be told no but loves to figure out what she needs to do for me to say it. she's getting better about bath time. she hasn't ever hated it, she just doesn't like to sit down and play and then doesnt want to be in there very long.  Very opposite of Whitney.

So, that is my 10 month old baby, toddler?  Are they toddlers once they learn how to walk or toddlers after they are one year? 

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  1. I love the updates!! She is going to be so big by ONE!! She just might need to start 2nd grade instead of Kindergarten:) I need to email you about something--hopefully I won't forget to:)

    I want to see some more pics of precious Whitney--I miss that face!