Monday, January 9, 2012

Just a Few Pictures

I cut into a kiwi the other day and saw this!

One of Whitney's new favorites... Sponge Bob.  She got a few SB things for Christmas as well as Barbie/Princess/Tinkerbell items.  Sigh.... my little girl is growing up :)

Ellie likes Whitney's underwear.  (these are clean btw)  she holds them up to her and bends down and tries to put them on.  I put them on her and she wore them the rest of the evening and she was happy.


She just had to go outside in her life jacket.  She wanted to go to the beach and I had to explain to her it was too cold, go outside and see for yourself!

1 comment:

  1. Kiwi = adorable.

    And Wyatt use to carry around Henry's underwear too, I blogged about it forever ago. I'm glad to see that it's normal :)