Friday, December 9, 2011

Ellison- 9 month appt

19.2 lbs
28.25 in

I would offically call her a walker now.  She walks 50% of the time.  She tries to walk before crawling, getting steadier every day.  She can go across a room and even around corners.  She can crawl up stairs and has added "moo" to her vocabulary.  The doctor was very impressed with her, saying she was operating as a 12 month old.  Yes, it's all that smart milk I make(made)   :)  j/k, take a joke!  No, it's my super teaching skills, (j/k, take a joke people!)  Whitney was a smarty pants too, hitting milestones early.

this is why I have a hard time unloading/loading the dishwasher.  little miss is all up in my business!

she would have kept going, but you can see her feet slipped on the linoleum

She is just the happiest girl!  Literally everywhere we go people always ask if she always so happy.  YES, she is!!  She is a very content girl.  I love her :)

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