Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec 3 and Dec 10

December 3rd we had a wedding to go to.  Wade's friend Nolan got married.  It was a beautiful wedding and the day went really well.  We did get our first winter storm that evening.  It rained all day and then turned to snow.  It was slow driving home until we got closer to Ames and it turned to rain again.  We stayed until 10, not getting home until 11.  Thankfully I packed pj's in case we did end up staying that late, and the girls fell asleep on the way home and straight to bed.  We all slept in that next morning!

this is Dave (cheeseball)   Doesn't he look like a proud papa!?!

 Nolan, the groom

Whitney had a blast dancing!  The wedding was a lot of fun for her. 

Wade had to leave for San Francisco Dec 4 for five days

December 10

Saturday we FINALLY got ornaments up on the tree and then went out to The Perfect Gift.  

Ellie was excited to see the tree when she woke up from a nap

Who needs to wait for a first birthday for some sprinkles and frosting!?!?!

It was really cute, this year they had a tea party section

Ellie just loved on the bear while Whitney had tea

Whitney's version of decorating the tree

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