Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Minute Friday

I don't even know what to write about today, so I guess I will kind of ramble.... we got our Christmas tree monday afternoon.  It is in our house undecorated yet.  Wade has been busy with his thesis staying at school until 10/11 at night so we have yet to find some time to do it together.  Hopefully I don't kill the thing, I keep forgetting to water it before I go to bed!

We have our first Christmas party tonight at a professors of Wade's.  We went last year as well.  I remember last year when we came out of the party it was snowing like mad.  I'm glad winter hasn't started quite so early this year.  I like a pretty snowfall, but there will be plenty of that come January.  We will leave the girls with the sitter.  Tomorrow we have a wedding in Iowa Falls.  The second to last of the Alden boys is getting married.  All that is left is "Cheeseball", getting married in the spring!

Ellie is really walking now!  She can stand alone well and she is can go farther and farther.  She tries to walk wherever she goes instead of crawling.  Won't be long and she will be walking full time.  Thank goodness my girls are early walkers, I love it when they can finally walk.  I haven't decided if walking/talking/crawling/sitting is nature or nurture.  With Whitney I encouraged her to do everything and really worked with her, even working with her to get her to roll over.  With Ellie she definitely learned to crawl on her own, she was only 5 1/2 months!   I for sure push the girls and don't wait for them to learn on their own.  So who knows when they would have picked things up on their own.  I guess from my point of view and the way I do things I'm going to go with a lot of nuture and a little nature.  Each kid will learn how to do everything, just a matter of time and guidance!  Curious what other mom's do.  Do you push your kid to learn or let them do it on their own?

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  1. definitely push! :) But it is so hard to know. I don't really push until they start showing signs of doing the "trick." So awesome she is walking much better. Micah is still so timid, but we are making progress!!