Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Minute Friday

I don't have a lot of time for this today, but I'm going to do it anyway because both girls are sleeping and this is the first time I have sat down since 6:30 this morning.  Well, besides the time I sat in the car to drive to the dentist and back, and sit in the dentist chair.  I am beginning to wonder if I am too young for dentures?  Seriously.  My gums feel tender and sore, exactly the way it felt before I needed a root canal.  I figured I better not wait it out on a friday morning to see if it got worse.  They had an opening at 9 am.  This was 7:55 that I called.  That is the fastest I have pumped and gotten three girls out the door.  No root canal needed this time, but they couldn't tell me the reason for my soreness.  I hate teeth.  If you're wondering, I do brush daily, a good day I do it twice.  I floss a few times a week.  I don't drink pop or sugary drinks, but I do eat sugary food.  I hate teeth.

My mom is coming today, woo hoo!  Wade is hunting again this weekend, boo hoo.  Whitney really needs some attention and love.  I wish I had more time for her.  I keep telling myself once Ellie can walk I will be more available.  Available to Whitney, Wade, MYSELF, the house, etc.  We're getting close.

Whitney is so excited for Halloween.  I can't wait until Monday to do trick or treating on main street, and again that night.   Whitney has been asking all week if she can go trick or treating.  I tried to make a calendar and drew pictures on each day showing her what we were doing each day and when Halloween finally is.  She didn't get it.

I tried to do a Chirstmas photo shoot with the girls in their cute matching dresses.  I took them outside on a nice afternoon with a red velvet tree skirt for a blanket, some red ball ornaments and some garland and it just looks like I took Christmas pictures in the middle of fall.  Didn't really come out the way I pictured it.  Pooh!

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  1. I MISS AMES!!!!!!!!! I want to go trick or treating like we did last year!! Have fun!