Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I made pumpkin pancakes.  Sunday night we weren't that hungry and didn't know what to make, so I said I would make pumpkin pancakes.  Wade was very skeptical of them, in fact, he laughed at them as they were on the griddle.  They were delicious!!   Whitney said "no thanks, i'm not hungry for breakfast" but she decided otherwise after she tasted them with ice cream and cinnamon and sugur sprinkled on top!

my super garage sale skills got the dress and shoes for $3.50!!

she was so excited to trick or treat for a week straight, that when I finally got her ready to go and gave Ellie a bottle before we left the house, Ellie decided it was nap time.  Whitney was fed up with waiting.

trick or treating on main street.  Whitney had no recollection of this last year, so she was pretty nervous at first.  It was nice not to carry Ellie, but manuevering a wagon in and out of stores by yourself was a bit challenging.    The second store we went into was a photography studio and they would take your picture in the back and they also had the candy back there.  Trying to nudge Whitney to go ahead of me as I pulled the wagon was not working.  She was so frightened, I'm not sure if she passed out or tripped on her own feet, but I gave her a little push and she went face down stiff as a board, rolled off her basket flat on her back.  Then just started sobbing.  Not a great way to start.  Thankfully she got over it and did good the rest of the time, even saying trick or treat and thank you.

Ellie did amazing in the wagon.  She sat there for 1hr and 20 mins.  She had a container of pretzels and her first sucker, she was good to go!


Whitney picked out suckers every time!

Round two of trick or treating Whitney wanted to be Dora so I made Ellie boots.  Both costumes are super simple.  Dora has white shoes, yellow socks, orange shorts, pink shirt, purple back pack.  Whitney already has the brown hair brown eyes.  Done.  Ellie can't stand anything on her head so I didn't bother with really doing her costume.  She was to sit in the wagon anyway.  Well, unless you know who Dora is, it's kind of hard to tell what Whitney's costume was.  Older folks had no idea and I'm certain they thought we just gave our kid a purple back pack to put her candy in.  We were kind of embarrassed and even thought about running back home to get her Dorothy dress, but then figured Whitney is having a good time, and she thinks she is Dora, so who cares.  I pulled the yellow tummy off Ellie, so she just looked like a boy.  Oh well.  No Dora and Boots next year.

these college kids?  were going down the street and pretending they were a house??

Ellie's favorite activity, walking around holding your hands.  Can you say "kills your back?!?"  I remember Whitney doing this for a month and getting SO MAD if we walk with her.

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