Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Minute Friday

It's that time again when we learn of Wade's new duty assignment.  It would probably take some big changes for this NOT to happen, but this is what the Army has planned for us next.  Wade will complete his ILE course in Alabama starting January.  I  will stay here with the girls until he done with school in April, and then it is off to Offutt AFB, just outside of Omaha, NE for a two year assignment.  We have been fortunate to stay around the midwest so far, Kansa, Missouri, Iowa and now Nebraska.  Being in the Army we would like to take advantage of being able to live somewhere cool, so don't be surprised if we move far away next time.  We would love Colorado, but so would everyone else.  I would like to try Hawaii and Wade would like Alaska.  We will see if either one of us wins that one.  We for sure would like to live in Germany when the girls are older and will appreciate being able to do all of the touristy things.  After Omaha, it is crazy to think that we will have to consider what school Whitney would be going to!  When Wade finishes his course in April we have one week to get him home and us to Offutt.  Makes my head spin thinking about the packing and unpacking that will happen in that week, but we've done it before many times.  And finding a house while Wade is in Alabama, oy!!!

I have been on the hunt for a babysitter, trying out and  Sittercity is free for military members so we'll see what luck I have with that. It looks like there are alot of candidates on those sites.  Thanks to FB we can kind of see what kind of person they are, and if we can't find a profile at all we consider that a good thing!    I will for sure need to take a break while Wade is gone for three months.

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  1. Don't move!!!! I knew you were but still:( So sad about that!!! My cousin is stationed in Hawaii with her two boys and her hubby is getting ready to leave on tour really soon. She does not really like it there, says the schools are bad. I will keep you all in my prayers!