Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Potty Training Whitney

It's time I do the potty training post, and I feel it's safe to say that she is potty trained.  We certainly aren't going to revert back after making it this far!  I (we) started potty training about 4 weeks ago.  We had been trying to get her to use the toilet for a long time with occasional cooperation.  We had been discussing setting a date to start the training because we weren't sure she would want to do it on her own, that she would need that decision made for her.  She did transition to her big bed with no problem, so we were hoping the same for potty training.  Well, the weekends started filling up (we wanted to start when we were both home so we could give the attention needed to both girls, because you hear of those potty training stories where you read a book for 20 minutes in the bathroom before they finally go) and we weren't sure when we were going to be able to commit to it. 

Well, one monday morning she wanted to be naked butt and use the bathroom.  She had been being "naked butt" more and more recently for an hour or two at a time.  This monday morning I asked her if she wanted to be all done with diapers and be a big girl and use the potty.  She said yes, I said okay, and we haven't looked back since.  She surprisingly has very few accidents.  We basically let her be naked for two weeks straight before we got grossed out by her naked butt all over everything and curious little fingers constantly touching herself, and then toys or snacks... you get the idea.  We then let her be naked butt under her pants and just recently she has some interest in wearing underwear.  It took a while for her to get the concept of underwear, she had more accidents in them.  She does really well in pull ups.  She is fascinated with public restooms, but doesn't like to use the if they look dirty.  She will even ask to go more than once, but how do you tell a potty training two year old that they can't use the bathroom?  Not an easy feat with a wiggling 7 month old.

She can hold her pee for longer periods now, and I am comfortable leaving the house without pullups for short trips and if there are bathrooms available.  If I leave the pull up on too long after we get home she will likely wet it because she is too lazy/busy to use the toilet.  She poops and sleeps in diapers.  We have to ask her a lot or just take her to the bathroom.   When she has pants and/or underwear on she is less likely to go on her own. 

I'm very proud of her and surprised with how easy it has been for her.  I guess we did the right thing with waiting for her to initiate it.  I was begininning to think she would be three before she was potty trained (which I was okay with) because she had been so resistant to it previously.  Great job Whitney!  I'll pat myself on the back too, I didn't think I could start it without Wade's help and attention, and man, is it some extra work when you throw a baby into the mix too!

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  1. Way to go Whitney!!! That's kind of how it worked for Jman, too. The pooping in the underwear is the worst, but Jackson only did it for about 2 weeks. Now every once and awhile he will poop in his diaper after a nap or waking in the morning, but not very often-- I think he is being a bit lazy and wants to play in his room instead of going to the bathroom!! Congrats!!