Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just the Beginning

Ellie has been pushing around toys for a few weeks now.  She is starting to get much better at it, however, I do think it will be a while before she masters the coordination to walk on her own.  Another month?  Even these last few days she is getting better and better and furniture cruising.

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  1. Seriously like clockwork whenever Ellie does something Micah is literally 2 weeks behind her. It is crazy. I guess that extra 2 weeks she stayed in there really gave her the advantage. HA! Micah has started pulling up and trying the walker but nothing like that! Go Ellie. Still weird to me that they are 6 weeks apart instead of 2 days apart...Isn't great they are almost one!

    PS OLTL is crazy. I can't believe it is going to end in 3 months. I think it is Gigi, b/c let's face it no one cares if Stacy comes back. I told you Stacy had something to do with her death. ;)