Friday, October 21, 2011

Ellison- 8 Months

Just taught her that tonight!

My baby bear is 8 months old now.  I could almost, almost, keep her at this baby age forever if I didn't already know that the fun is just beginning.  She is learning so much so quickly and I am so looking forward to these next four months until she is one. 
 She is developing a fiesty personality lately.  For the most part she is still happy all the time and will contently play by herself as long as she knows where I am.  If you take something away from her or she is frustrated, watch out!  She has crying temper fits and lately has taken to biting.  Biting anything she can get her mouth on.  She acts like an ornery little ankle biter dog that you don't want to cross.  I am not looking forward to the day Whitney is on the receving end of the bite.  She has three teeth, two on bottom and one on top.  Her second top one should be popping through any day.  She is just like Whitney getting one tooth at a time.

Sleep- We were getting better but she is getting over a cold right now so I hope she goes back to her old sleep pattern.  She still goes to bed around 8:30, give or take depending on her last nap.  She will wake between 4-6, nurse and go back to bed until 7ish, when she hears the rest of the house waking up.  She will take a morning and afternoon nap if we are home.  We usually are not home in the morning, so lately she will catch a quick snooze in the car and then take a 2-3 hr midday nap and that's it.

Eating-  about 4-5 oz milk at a time.  She prefers table food and lately will not eat off a spoon.  I may be done buying baby food.  I recently gave her a chicken nuggett (small bites of course).  Amazing how much earlier you give things to your second.  She has mastered the pincer grasp and prefers to feed herself.  She still takes formula and just a few days ago I dropped down to 4 pumping sessions a day.  I had a good supply going and rarely needed to supplement.  I have a feeling my supply will drop more than I care for it to, but, oh well.  

Milestones-  She loves to play peek a boo.   She holds a blanket over her head and waits for you to ask, "where is Ellie?" and then she'll pull the blanket down smiling.  She has mastered the drop game.  It isn't so bad when you have a two year old to keep picking up the items!  She likes to do "so big".  She can wave.  She tries to share things and puts stuff in your mouth.  She furniture cruises like no other and now likes to walk holding your hands.  She knows exactly where she wants to go steering us around.  She babbles a lot now, saying mama, dada, ba ba.  She says dada when she is happy babbling and ma ma, or mom mom when she is whiney.  I really think she is whining for me.  She likes to "talk" and say "ahh" really loud when we use public restooms because they echo.  Like I needed more attention drawn to me taking two girls to the bathroom.  She is not a cuddler, but loves to cuddle soft blankets and stuffed animals.  She can doodle.  We have one of those magnetic doodle board things and she will watch me write and then she tries too.

playing peek a boo under our coffee table.  she usually will bend down to peek under and then stand back up

Size-  about 17lbs??, size 6-12 month clothes, size 3 diaper.  She is a bit leaner than Whitney was, but she is a lot more mobile at this age

She is a total mama's girl, but what's wrong with that?!?

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