Friday, November 13, 2009

To Iowa and Back

Wade went up to Iowa for his annual deer hunting and was kind enough to go out of his way to drop us off in Davenport so I could stay at my sisters. We started the trip on Oct 31 at 3:30am. It was nice that Whitney slept most of the way up and while she was awake I kept her entertained with her Baby Einstein dvds. I was impressed with her traveling. We came back home on Nov 11, leaving at 6:30pm so Whitney could sleep. The trip home went well and we only had to stop once for gas. I think we will do all of our driving at night, it seems to work the best for longer trips.

Wade did some hunting at our land and then up in the Winterset area with his brother. He got two deer and unfortunately two big bucks were shot but never found. Wade feels pretty bad about that. Whitney and I hung out with my sister, her husband and two daughters. Whitney enjoyed watching her engergetic cousin and even took baths with her. Whitney got her second tooth in while we were there, thank goodness! That one was taking FOREVER! She continues to push herself backward, we almost lost her under the furniture one night! She is up on her hands and knees rocking, but no forward motion yet. She has also learned how to have a "conversation". It's pretty funny, she makes a noise, waits for you to respond, and so on. I enjoyed hanging out with my sister. She got me hooked on the Twilight books, I read Twilight while I was there I have about 40 pages left of New Moon.

It was a great trip and as much as we enjoyed it, it is nice to be home. It's hard to get a good nights sleep with three little ones waking up during the night! I am literally stuck at home now trying to do laundry and unpack, Wade's transmission went out on his truck yesterday.

Pictures to come, not sure where the camera is right now.

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