Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brigade Ball

Pajama party after the ball.
Last night was the Brigade Ball, and it was a huge ball. Like a thousand people huge. My first reaction to the ball was that I didn't want to go. I didn't want to leave Whitney. Wade wouldn't take no for an answer, and deep down I knew I had to go. For myself, Whitney, and to regain that feeling of being husband and wife, not just a mother. We asked Wade's cousin Jody to watch her and it was really nice to be able to have family watch her. I surprised Wade and myself by not checking in during the night. I enjoyed the evening and had a great time talking to adults about things other than Whitney. I even momentarily forgot about Whitney, which tells you that I really did have a good night. It did feel a little strange to not have her to worry about the entire evening and that she wasn't in the back seat for the ride home. We got home around 11 to a happy Whitney playing on the floor with her sillytown, so I was happy too! She did sleep three hours for Jody, but wouldn't go back down, but that was okay because it was nice to see her when we got home. I'm glad I went and it felt good to be out without her. I can't believe I just said that!
Good thing for holding on to old dresses. Last time I wore that dress was in 2001 to an ROTC Ball in college.


  1. Cute dress! I'm glad you had fun!! Your ginormous tree turned out well!

  2. Yay for you guys!!! It's nice to remember what it feels like to be WIFE and not just Mom!!!! I'm glad you went and I'm glad you had fun...see you on Friday.

  3. You looked great! How fun to get to get all dressed up and go out...wish I could do that sometimes. It is nice to get away, but SO hard too. Here is hoping for your Christmas wish (Whitney crawling) to come true! :) Maybe we will both get what we want! HA!