Monday, November 16, 2009

So Big.. Part 2


I put Whitney in her crib while I was putting away some stuff in her room so she would be "safe". Yikes!! She has been a very big girl today!!


  1. Looks like Wade needs to get busy on lowering that crib!!! Have you had her 6 month appt yet?

  2. Uh oh...time to lower the crib mattres!!!
    Brynna has JUST started pulling up on things too, thankfully, she hasn't done it in her crib yet.

  3. Thankfully the side rail just raises up, don't have to hassle with the mattress. Her appt on the 13th was canceled so she doesn't have her appt until the 25th, yeah, she will practically be 7 months!

  4. Crazy isn't it?! You have a very active strong little girl on your hands! That was about the age my little Leighton started doing that! And she is now about to take off walking...once it starts you can't slow it down! HA!