Tuesday, December 1, 2009

7 Months

Today Whitney is 7 months old. She is getting more of an attitude and personality every day. My mom thinks it is pretty funny and I am getting a little taste of my own medicine. Oh well, what goes around comes around I guess! Whitney is still working on crawling, and it has become a major frustration for both of us. I hope she figures it out soon. And please, no comments on how once they get mobile it get harder. I personally think it gets easier, I always thought that when I watched Alaina that the more she could do herself the easier it got. I noticed this morning that one of Whitney's top teeth is poking through. I didn't actually just notice, she seems to get a little cranky and clingy so I knew something was up so I layed her down and pried her mouth open to check, and sure enough there was a tooth there coming through. She really enjoys eating finger foods and anything else that is small enough for me to put in there. Yesterday we had banana and this morning she had some cinnamon toast. Getting her to eat baby food now has become more of a challenge and she refuses to eat unless she gets to hang on to her own spoon too. Whatever gets her to eat! She is getting bored with me by the end of the day and she is really happy when Wade gets home at night. She cried for the first time when Wade left the room last night and kept looking at door he left through. She still loves bath time and now makes a huge wet mess from splashing so much. She really is becoming a hyperactive little ADD baby, it will be interesting to see what her personality is like as she gets older. We went to Bass Pro on sunday and all these other babies her size/age were just sitting in their stroller or sucking contently on their pacifier. Not our baby, she was trying to climb out of the cart or twist out of our arms. My little stinker is up from her nap, gotta go......


  1. Christmas should be interesting...Brynna is a VERY BUSY baby too!! I can hardly hold onto her while carrying her and she wants to be "doing" whatever Grant is!!!

  2. Your little Whitney seems a lot like my girl. Leighton started crawling 1 week after her 7 month birthday after driving me crazy with it for a month! And you are right it is easier when they crawl b/c you can say come on let's go and they come w/ you! They don't get stuck somewhere and cry until you rescue them. Now I am waiting for her to walk so it will be even easier! :)