Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Whitney learned how to crawl while we were gone!!!! She took her first crawling "steps" on Dec 22. She has started out pretty slow, just taking a few steps at a time and only going a few feet. She is unsure of her newfound freedom. She is getting less robotic about her movements, and just yesterday she is starting to figure out that she can go where ever and when ever she wants. Last night I was picking up and put her books away in a basket and she had to crawl over to get the books back out. It is a relief that she has finally learned to crawl. You could tell that she wanted to go, and she would get so mad, but her brain just didn't know how to tell her to go. Well, it all finally clicked, and she will just get faster and faster every day. I still haven't figured out if crawling is something they learn through teaching, or something they just get on their own. I spent over a month enticing her with toys, moving her arms, giving her little pushes, crawling around on the floor for her to see- she really liked it when I did that! Maybe it was watching her cousin Brynna go? I don't know what did it, but she is going! Our baby girl is getting so big!

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