Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What We Do

Sunday ended up being rainy and yucky and we did not leave the house all day.  This leads to one bored toddler.  I decided to let her play in the rain.  She could not believe I would let her do such a thing!!  What a blast! 
She was using the bowl as an umbrella

She took this picture, it's so funny to look through the camera at what she finds interesting.  She loves her rain boots, I am so glad I found them.  At a garage sale of course!

Ellie is starting to sit up well and likes to sit with us at the table

Helping me me pick cilantro leaves

today,  I was sitting right next to her on the computer and had no idea she was painting her hands and feet.  good job mom!  It's all washable, so it's all good!

Now we are going outside to have "cicle cicle's" befoer Ellie wakes up.

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