Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Another typical week.  Library, parks, wal-mart.....    Ellie continues to have physical therapy once a week.  Sometimes she holds her head straight really well,  and other times it is still pretty crooked.  We're working on it, and if it doesn't completely straighten out it's not the end of the world.  There are worse things that could be wrong with your child.  They recommended a tot collar for her.  It's a collar to wear for a short time during the day to help her get used to holding her head straight and to stretch the tight muscle on her left side.  Maybe this is how civilians deal with insurance every day, but let me tell you, I really dislike dealing with insurance outside of the Army. The Army had it's 236th birthday on the 14th BTW.  Happy Birthday big bad fighting machine!!  With the Army you go to the hospital on post, see the doctor you need and pick up your pills in the pharmacy in. the same building.  You don't have to do anything, make any phone calls, or see any sort of deductibles or EOB's.  (explanation of benefits)  Being remote we have to make appts to get referrals for special care (ie having a baby) and call insurance first to figure out what or what not is covered.  This little rant stems from having to order this tot collar.  It's only 50-60 bucks but I wanted to figure out if insurance covers it to save a few bucks.  The PT didn't think insurance covered it and since she is not a doctor she cannot prescribe it.  After talking about it for the second appt in a row, she finally mentioned a medical code.  I found the medical code for the collar, called insurance and they DO cover it, told me to get a doctor to prescribe it and pick it up at a local medical suppy store.  So  I called peds and they seem clueless.  We have to wait until her 4 month appt next week for the doc to look at her and decide if he should prescribe it or not.  Even if he doesn't think it is necessary I can order it myself online and try it out.  All a very dumb process.....   like you care.

Ellie has taken to the pacifier this week.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  It's nice to have her soothed by something, but in hind sight it was nice that Whitney never took to one.  She never took to anything, but me.  She doesn't suck a pacifer, her thumb, have a favorite blanket or animal or doll.  So, I have no experience with an attatchment.  I wonder if I should keep popping the pacifer in Ellie's mouth and potentially create a monster, or just let her be happy in the moment.  She can't suck on it forever. 

I sold my first piece of baby equipment this week and I am super excited about it!  It's one less item in our house and I am going to keep all the baby selling money seperate to do something fun with when I am done breastfeeding.  Yes, that means we are done after two girls and we are in the process of making that permanent, if you must know. 

Tonight we are going "camping" at Wade's brother's for father's day.  Ellie and I are camping in the house and Wade and Whitney in a tent in the yard.  Wade is super excited about this.  Will let you know how that turns out next week.

I took way more than five mintues, but who's counting?!?!


  1. Yes, dealing with medical insurance sucks, but I am SUPER glad we live in a country that has private healthcare. Can you imagine having to go through the gov't to get that collar??? I would guess she would get it by age 4!!

    Camping sounds fun! We have a camper and we call that camping... I don't do tents. :)Jackson adores camping and woke up this morning talking about it!!

    What baby equipment did you sell? I so want to sell some things, because they take up so much space, but I need to wait to see if we have another baby... I think we will.

    Have a great weekend, Steph!!

  2. I have a thumb sucker. She is four now (still sucks her thumb) and I wish we had at least done the pacifier. You can take away the pacifier you can't take away a thumb. Just don't be one of those moms that is constantly shoving it in her mouth when she makes a peep. Then she will be really attached.

  3. Did I tell you that that dinosaur looks like it's going to eat your family?!

    So Wade's gettin' cut huh? Ouch!

  4. Em- I sold the papasan seat and the swing is going next. As soon as I see Leanne again she is getting the bumbo back. And I DO have to go through the Govt to get that collar!!! ha!

    Lee- you're next!!